Saturday, 28 April 2012

April Showers

As a kid, I used to love the month of April, First off, It's my birthday on the 21st and that meant lots of presents. Second, I grew up in Nigeria where April showers was awesome. I could run out and play in the rain till I catch a cold. I loved knowing I could predict my birthday was a raining day each year. My mom would say; When I gave birth to you it was raining on that Thursday, the day I brought you back from the hospital, it was still raining. I naturally grew up into believing it rains every 21st of April because I was born on a raining day. Lol, how cute it is to be a little one.

Nowadays, man is grown, In my mid-twenties, there's really nothing to fantasize about the wet month of April anymore. This year was worse off. First off, the weather is completely nasty. It rains like every other day. Its brutal, you can't do anything worthwhile outside. I used to love this rain as a kid. I hate this so much now, the weather is dull, everything is draggy-like. Secondly, the week before the 21st was the craziest one ever, and the one before that too. I was studying like my life depended on it, It's a professional exam called SAP TERP10. I could only use 2 weeks and needless to say those two weeks were so not fun. I only need a 51% to become certified, but the volume is huge. So I stuck to it. Library from morning till it dusks, only came back home to sleep and the cycle continues. I prayed, I've never been scared of an exam like that before. I've never studied so hard in my life, I've never failed one either, rather I've performed excellently beyond my own expectations most times.

The exam day, I was being extremely careful, It's 3 hours long. I finished in the first hour and some minutes, went to the bathroom, came back and started UN-ticking my answers, thinking I was playing safe. Now the pattern is such that you only answer the right answers, there could be multiple answers so for any wrong answer, you loose all the points for a question. My playing safe was to make sure I would not answer any question I wasn't sure of. I took my time, answered all the questions again the second time, being extremely careful. Lo and behold, only two people passed and as you rightly guessed I wasn't one of them. I walked out feeling numb and tired. I never wanted to study like I have done again in my life, but what to do.

Alas, I was wrong two weeks later, a friend told me that I needed to have all the right answers to get the points for a question. Anyway, I'm planning to re-apply in June and I'll let you know when I get it right. Well I learnt two lessons;
1. At one point, you will learn to accept disappointments and handle it well, no matter how harsh that lesson might be.
2. Always read your instructions before starting an exam irrespective of what you have heard or read on online communities or blogs.

So if you were wondering why I have not been posting regularly, that's pretty much one of the things I've been up to, the rest is normal graduate school work which will round off soon. By the way my godson turned two on the 15th and here's his picture below.

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