Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Seeking My Purpose. + Fletch for your Stench

Our world is a lost place
Where can hope be found ?
The things we call rad
Rags they tend to become
All of our guilty pleasures
They're just bare insecurities
The sun goes back to hiding
Just after it shines
Darkness is inexhaustive
Comes back as if to rule
I wonder where solace lies
Where does purpose exist?
Love and affection?
Wealth and ego?
Accolades and Laurels?
Relishing in luxury?
Savoring the moment?
Pride and Glory?
Island-hop and Voyaging?
Highlights to Spotlights?
Titles and fame?
I seek pleasure
Amidst these do pleasures fall.

What then after it all
Pleasing to say extinction?
Why then if that's it all?
Why the call to existence?
Yeah! the call!
Why the for call man to live

The call is purpose driven
A purpose to be sought
When it's all been said and done
There lies a saying at the chamber
Here lies the son of man
And the number of years proclaimed
And all the plaques shall follow
And the wreaths too shall die
The Condolences apparently fade
What lies then hereafter?

Only A purpose fulfilled
Not just a purpose found
Only A calling answered
Many are called few are chosen
Only A name on His list
A name on Hit list perish
Only An identity found
An identity borrowed pales
Only A life for His will
Executors fail with the will
Christ is the executor of the will
Make HIM the advocate of yonder days


Your life is nonreturnable
Make it unforgettable
Christ is indispensable
Why stay incompatible
Whole world is despicable
Only him is dependable
His love is indescribable
Make his death re countable

Your life is just a stretch
Make him your homestretch
When your just a wretch
You need you a fetch
So stay off that bench
That makes your fire quench
He'll pry out your stench
His blood is that Fletch

Christ's the only light
The reason for no freight
Devil will take you to heights
He can't make you alright
When sin holds you tight
You can't escape by might
Christ will hold you upright
Make him your foresight
Just after your night
He can make things right

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