Friday, 25 June 2010


The interview went easy
   The feedback was amazing
The reply was a job
     Yet preparation negates the reality.

The journey was a smooth ride
      Harsh airport officials were corteous
The passengers were friendly
          This feels unusually true.

The process is a normal hardcore
        I went and gates open
Technology behaved itself
            Paths I take seem to be clearer.

I don't believe in the power of luck
        Horoscope is virtually overrated
If the stars are out today
             What'd I do when it's not a bull's day.

Abusive is the caution everyone used
        Pleasing was the atmosphere I met
What I needed wasn't the simplest helps
           Grace and Glory! It took the least of times

It need not be told, I can feel it
       Someone was praying, Yes I know it
Everywhere I go, a mediator speaking
          I'm certain it's not me, there's a helper.


  1. hummm and God bless your little helper whoever he/she may be... You can now intercede on their behalf as well :)

  2. whao! that was totally so fast Mwajim Al. I'm so glad your remember them as well. Do you think you know who your intercessor is? God bless your heart for coming over and may everyone who need a helper find one.

  3. its always good to know that there is someone somewhere who is constantly praying for you but most importantly you should never seize to pray for yourself and thank God for the gift of the HolySpirit who intercedes on our behalf especially in the moments when we are unsure of what to pray for.

    i love this scripture- Heb 13:6 ' so we say with confidence, the Lord is my helper, i will not be afraid what can man do to me?'

    thanks dear for reminding us that all of our help comes from the Lord.
    have a fabulous day ahead, an amazing wkend and may God continue to bring help your way.

  4. There's nothing truer. I recall vividly the last few times I was through scenario 1. It just couldn't have been more obvious it wasn't my arms that fired those shots. Another excellent one here!!!

  5. hmmmm Rainyjoy Miss Awesome! That's a really good scripture, suffice it we can't do nothing of our own if He doesn't help us. Hope you're doing great. Wah you been up to. Thanks a lot hun and May God continue to help your ways too.

  6. Thanks brof. It's been a minute. how u been.


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