Monday, 12 December 2011

I'm an African with seven lives

While I sit here on this long ride home
Anxiously awaiting the limited stop train
Dowtrodden of the hiccups on the rail
Irritated of the incessant stop at those stations
clueless of what time it shall be
when my destination I'll reach
Sometimes doubtful if I'll make it on time
But seldomly reminded that someone has been on a similar ride

All that keeps me going is the end in sight
I can't nip now
And no I won't go back
Stories of heroes are always heard
Memories may fail to fade
But pains don't last an age
Experiences forever to last
No stopping beneath the cloud
For there are heights yet attained
Spaces abound right to the moon

And when my home I reach,
Yet another voyage I seek
For the day I stop trying
Is the same day I die
Lumps shall smoothen
And with vast confidence
The words I'll proclaim
Sweet Jesus!
Seven lives that's what I've got
I'm an african boy!

n.b: image copied from goolge images


  1. Hmmmm. . .  I was reminded of that verse of the righteousness falling seven times but still getting up while reading this. And these lines kind of got to me:
    "For the day I stop trying
    Is the same day I die"I admire your passion for Jesus Bro, Keep it burning :)

  2. The two lines that cut through the depths of me were:

    For the day I stop tryingIs the same day I die

  3. Love this. You go home, rest, and start again. Thumbs up on this poem

  4. Thanks a lot Muse origins. I just checked your blog and it's awesome to see how much creativity happens there. Once again, appreciate your comments

  5. Many thanks Jaycee (E.A) aka Light her lamp. Good to read from you

  6. ha! Nice - "I'm an african boy!"

  7. wattt?? cydm. Thanks for your comments tho babes. You're awesome. 

  8. Wait, what is cydm now? *sigh* I'm so behind in I.M. lingua :(


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