Thursday, 15 December 2011

DTA Don't Trust Anyone yet Don't Over think

So as I grow I learn
that people would always see
rather talk about when you fail
than all the times you succeeded
rather listen to when you couldn't care
than all the care and love you showed
rather talk about one mistake you made
than everything you did right
rather remember when you couldn't be there
than all the sacrifices you made
always remember your ugly features
than all the beauty within
remember when you couldn't tip well
than all the offerings you gave

And yet so well, Don't trust anyone
Your sympathizers could be backbiters
Your well wishers could bring you down
Your best friend could be your worst enemy
Man is selfish, it's his nature
Naked and empty to this world you came
Easier to survive holding nothing close-tight
Loosen the fist, don't over think
Believe in yourself
Naked and empty you'll return
Bitter truth still don't over think

And to the one you have a weakness for
They have the power of controlling you
You would compromise for them
And do the things you wouldn't do
And that innocent face
will comae back to haunt you
make you feel guilty
'Coz of the weakness within
Don't over think but trust lightly

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