Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Lessons from 2010

I’m an honorable man, I stay true to my words. A passion for truth and Zeal for reliability. Consistency and focus. I never go back and betray. The true measures of a man is in finding a value and abiding by it. It's consistency, not easily drifted by every simple floss. I have the dreams of a winner confessions of a dreamer. I'm never looking back. I have no side mirrors. Abhorring evil and cleaving to good.

Few lessons from this year.
Our first friends are not necessarily our best friends.
Loving people doesn't mean they will love you back.
The things we focus on the most ends up to get the best of us. (Focus only on God)
To mingle with the crowd is not having a mind of your own.

Hoping and wishing everyone a terrific 2011.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Hope for the hopeless

Saturday, Nov 20, 2010.

I sit in the fore front of a market square. Noises and echoes all around me. Lots of words are being said but I can’t make out a single one. Hustling and bustling. Voice of hope amidst regrets a sound of insecurity and that of uncertainty. Head busting out, I can’t make out a single clear thought. I look around me and suddenly all I see is me, alone in a silent, lonely room. The market has come to me or I have gone to it, it must be one of either. How did I get here? Where am I going next? What shall I do? Rains of unanswerable questions, all for the sake of a brawl yet so simple. I’m just trying to find my way out of this prison. I thought I did it all to avoid this, why should it keep coming back. Darkness is overly inexhaustible, as if it’ll never go away. So when I think of my diary, I see hope still among all troubles. The only hope that sustains me is that it’s been worse before; I didn’t know how it got this good, I need not know how it’s going to get better. There’s a hand above that guides a dark part. I have faith in the finger that directs the powerless. Hope, my hope, I trust in you, if only for you hope, I can still wake up back to reality and live for the unknown expedition. Hope, I have faith in you.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Proudly Nigerian

I hate the way the world thinks
I hate the way they see us.
Now that we are here
What shall we do?
Shall we accept resentment?
Or pick our luggage and leave
Shall we mend our own ways?
Or conform to their ways?
Shall we dream with our eyes open?
So everyone would notice us
Or follow our dreams
And not care how the world sees us
Why do you judge people?
When you don’t even know them
They say we’re proud, we’re always fronting
I’m handsomely conceited just always being me
I’m not your counselled usual. I make decisions. 
The only difference between us is the enslavement of your fore-fathers.
We’re grown, we’re real, and committed to who we are.
Not far off my origin, not living the life imposed on me.
 Not covered with fake outfits, that won’t take my insecurities out of it
We’re not your typical; we’re far off your league
Flyer than the rest of you all
Smarter than your illusions
I’m committed to making a change
What have you done to better a repressed people?
Come walk in my shoes and feel where the fingers hurt.
The day will surface, I promise, the day of joy
When all of the lights will shine again
And the dark city comes shouting
Change, redemption, resolution has come.
Change! Oh what sweet change.

It is said that Nigerians are always very proud, more or less arrogant. I have tried to understand how they see us. A people from far away Africa, how can we be so bright as to think we can rule other societies and make differences in places of relevance, when we are only Africans, at least that’s how the world press portrays us: poor, malnourished people with intents of war and probably of terrorism. But then, do they know us well enough? Aren’t they always surprised when they come in contact with our level of intelligence? Shall we keep quiet and make them suppress us as they have always done? No! I am proud to always be a movement that will let the world know more about Nigeria and the people erase all the negativity and spread all the positivity everywhere I am. And to every Nigerian trying to be who they are not, I say to you, stop being fake! START BEING REAL!.
I apologize to everyone who reads my blog for being out of contact for a while now. I hope to keep up to date again as ever and learn new things from everyone. Love to everybody.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Seeking My Purpose. + Fletch for your Stench

Our world is a lost place
Where can hope be found ?
The things we call rad
Rags they tend to become
All of our guilty pleasures
They're just bare insecurities
The sun goes back to hiding
Just after it shines
Darkness is inexhaustive
Comes back as if to rule
I wonder where solace lies
Where does purpose exist?
Love and affection?
Wealth and ego?
Accolades and Laurels?
Relishing in luxury?
Savoring the moment?
Pride and Glory?
Island-hop and Voyaging?
Highlights to Spotlights?
Titles and fame?
I seek pleasure
Amidst these do pleasures fall.

What then after it all
Pleasing to say extinction?
Why then if that's it all?
Why the call to existence?
Yeah! the call!
Why the for call man to live

The call is purpose driven
A purpose to be sought
When it's all been said and done
There lies a saying at the chamber
Here lies the son of man
And the number of years proclaimed
And all the plaques shall follow
And the wreaths too shall die
The Condolences apparently fade
What lies then hereafter?

Only A purpose fulfilled
Not just a purpose found
Only A calling answered
Many are called few are chosen
Only A name on His list
A name on Hit list perish
Only An identity found
An identity borrowed pales
Only A life for His will
Executors fail with the will
Christ is the executor of the will
Make HIM the advocate of yonder days


Your life is nonreturnable
Make it unforgettable
Christ is indispensable
Why stay incompatible
Whole world is despicable
Only him is dependable
His love is indescribable
Make his death re countable

Your life is just a stretch
Make him your homestretch
When your just a wretch
You need you a fetch
So stay off that bench
That makes your fire quench
He'll pry out your stench
His blood is that Fletch

Christ's the only light
The reason for no freight
Devil will take you to heights
He can't make you alright
When sin holds you tight
You can't escape by might
Christ will hold you upright
Make him your foresight
Just after your night
He can make things right

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Friday, 25 June 2010


The interview went easy
   The feedback was amazing
The reply was a job
     Yet preparation negates the reality.

The journey was a smooth ride
      Harsh airport officials were corteous
The passengers were friendly
          This feels unusually true.

The process is a normal hardcore
        I went and gates open
Technology behaved itself
            Paths I take seem to be clearer.

I don't believe in the power of luck
        Horoscope is virtually overrated
If the stars are out today
             What'd I do when it's not a bull's day.

Abusive is the caution everyone used
        Pleasing was the atmosphere I met
What I needed wasn't the simplest helps
           Grace and Glory! It took the least of times

It need not be told, I can feel it
       Someone was praying, Yes I know it
Everywhere I go, a mediator speaking
          I'm certain it's not me, there's a helper.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Today's Outlook and Proverbs 31 Woman: Contrast

Today’s woman

Lies at every instance of truth, even when the truth might have been desired, lying has become a habit and it is rather difficult to say the truth. Even swears in the name of God when people are in disbelief.

Always clothed with vile revealing dresses and clothes that make them worthless to behold while they think it is fashionable. They satisfy this guilty pleasure not because they have to but because others are doing it. When will you learn to have a mind of your own and stand for something rather than falling for anything?

You are beautiful on face value but Illicit sexual activities make men look at you as a cheap model. Men talk too and after a few rounds with one or two guys in the same region, all the others around already know your cup size, smell, and as they say your ring tone (orgasmic sound).

Enjoys loathsome habits that undermine character and injures the health, but they are unaware. Drinking and smoking seems rad and snazzy among mates but causes aged and wrinkled looks. The beauty of the early years diminishes.

You are quick to tell a man how you feel about him, you give him your body to get love, but in turn, you get hate. This is because nobody wants what they don’t toil for, they think it is money cheaply left on the floor, no matter how much it is, its value is still lesser than several hours of effort in the field and so is the spending. Men were made to hunt, not to value things found cheaply. 

Proverbs 31 woman.

Tells the truth even when Oprah Winfery promises a fortune to say the contrary. Verse 11 says “The heart of her husband trust her safely”. What such reliance without any iota of doubt!!! 

Instead of transparent/breast- revealing tank tops and a skirt that makes Agbero boys (touts) drop your keys so you can bend for a obvious film of shame, you embrace decent and respect-compulsive fashion that make the same Agbero boys hail MAMAAA AWON BOYS! Give us something now. IYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA OOOOOOOO.  
Verse 22: “She makes herself coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple”. Beauty is not in fishnet stockings, but character.

Instead of sleeping around like a female dog, and drinking, smoking, tattooing and piercing, there is no time for redundancy. The focus is on thriving the best at a chosen vocation. Verse 27: She looketh well to the ways of her household and eateth not the bread of idleness.

Instead of asking men out like a desperate ‘I’m-past-my-twenties-Please-Marry-me-please’ (MAGA) Men value, respect and places high price on her, seek the face of God and start seeing millions of I was drawing water from a well for you visions. Verse 10: Who can find a virtuous woman, for her price is far above rubies.

Charm is deceitful and Beauty is Vain but praise a Woman who fears the Lord!!!!

Monday, 7 June 2010


Two paths I see
To everything
Two roads perceive
One black and bleak
One thick and frisky          
One edgy and thin
One wide and easy
One crusty and lofty
One sacrificial and tasking
The trendiest path isn’t surest
Neither is the brightest trusted
To emulation, dedication accounts
And of dedication choice is driven
A choice between the sides
The colorful isn’t noble
For not all that glitter is gold
A road and a choice.
A choice for the wise.
 A path to ponder.

(C) Kennisblegad 2010

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Tuesday, 25 May 2010


You once were down there, about the lowest among the rest. You couldn't boast of much, you could do only less, you depended on HIM, HE used others to help. You were happy the way you were, grand joy with a stare at life, seeing it's only infinitesimal. Salvation was a lot. You loved the LORD, you served HIS course, you upheld HIS gospel. His truth laid you on the heart. You were sincere. And HE loves just that and brought you up. Out of the dunghill, elevated you, to live with Princes, HE expanded your coasts. Just a inch higher than you were. He's got bigger plans, only you know not. But now, you think within yourself; YES I HAVE ARRIVED. A drift away from HIM, you're suddenly complacent. why start living this way, why have you forgotten so soon. You were nobody, HE raised you. Now, you're the empty barrel, hence the boisterous noise. People that mattered most, they're now far off your league. The church has become a barbecue party, a jest to make others think you're all fly. Why do you forget so soon, the days of your little beginning? You didn't start all that big. Think about how you were polished, but now you're the lost in the jungle. You were far ahead on the perfect road, you turned back and started through the wrong route. HE still loves you much, still taking you places, but needs you to get back. BACK TO THE ROOTS. If only you can call, HE never condemns you. If only you'd ask, HIS grace is sufficient. HE doesn't want you perished. HE adores your soul. Just don't give up on HIM. HE hasn't given up on you. BACK TO THE ROOTS.

A wise man once told me; Always remember where you're coming from, that way, you'll never go wrong in life.

(C) Kennisblegad 2010.

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Monday, 17 May 2010

On a cycle of Life and Love

Life has begun
Tears are shed
Crawl by daylight
A lean at cradle
Leap to come up
Walk and let's see
Tie is broken

Your tears are drowned
Eyes bright wide
Reality is seen
You exist in piece
Fulfillment is sought

You see in someone
might the piece complete
Can you ask for help
A hand in mid of sea
Someone out there
Chatters are loud
You own up

Spare all it takes
Learn the language
Catch the ride
It's over time
It's over lifetime
You work for it

A new morning
Now much stronger
Crystal clear it gets
Like new gospel
Walking down a mile
Can't wait much longer
It's a blue moon
That which was
when life began
The language is expressive
It's a tale of love

(C) Kennisblegad 2010

Thursday, 6 May 2010

10 things I love/ 10 things about me

1. I love God and my family. My Dad- Popman, Mom- Momsyheart, My brothers- TP2 & Kelat and my Sis- Sweetheart (we are like lovers)and funny enough, that's the name I gave them and we all call each other those names. I think Originality is me. lol. Im the last of four, Nothing beats having a great family where everyone is cool. Mine is gorgeous.

2. Godly wealth is good. I love money, but a crazy giver as well. It doesn't define me tho.

3. I love poetry. When I was a kid, my mom would write poems in Yoruba (Ewi)and I would learn them by heart and recite them in churches and schools. She was a good poet, and original too. I love her. I guess I got most of my talents from her. That's why I mostly write in a form of poetry of some sort. Guys, don't marry a girl if she's not intelligent, kids take after their mom's brain. (proven).

4. I love music. Well, there is no limit to the amount of music I listen to coz I sleep and study with music. And I can mix it good too. I deejayed for the International party in me Uni recently and gave them some Naija flavor. lol. I reckon they must be like who's this dude.

5. I love gadgets. Ipod, Iphone, Good Camera, Headphones, Laptops, Ipod dock speaker with bluetooth, My collection counts further. My digital world is wild and anything technology drives me crazy mehn. Im yearning for a 3D TV, Blu ray Home Cinema, Project Natal Xbox (check this out), Macbook Air (I don't dig Ipad). Well, in brief technology is way forward.

6. I love a good laugh. If you're comedy, we is friends. (lol). Russel Peters, Jamie Foxx, Chuck Norris, Jeff Dunham (check him out) + Naija comedians too. I go on and tease to get a laugh. I laugh like there's no tomorrow, lol like till I get every vein of my head swollen.

7. Movies, series, TV, During the times of Friends,Heroes and Prison break, I would be awake all night catching up. these days there isn't much time for TV, I still catch up with 'How I met your mother" and its my favorite show lol. I love The mentalist, Supernatural, CSI, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate housewives, Lost, Criminal Minds, Carlifornication and host of others.

8. I'm nocturnal and its like so bad that when I get a good sleep at night, I must have been well knackered during the day. I would usually sleep at 5 to wake up for 9 or 10 or leave for the day with a heavy eyes. I am so not a 'morning' person.
9. I love sports in general and football in particular. (especially English league)I fancy chilling with mates to watch good football and talk about sports in general.

10. 10 is pretty much a short list. I love discussing Business and politics, I love pretty and intelligent girls lol, photography, fashion, love looking sleek, chilling @ the beach and wot not. I love life n God gave this life to be enjoyed.

That's like 10 things about me everyone.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

May or Mayhem

So yeah, My friend's wife was delivered of two babies last few weeks, but we lost one of 'em. I was at his' to visit and sympathize. It was there I heard stories.

1. In the same hospital few weeks back, a mother was delivered of twins as well and while the midwife monitored the heart rate of the babies before they came out, everything was fantastic. Would you believe that just as the first baby came out, the giver of life came calling and he couldn't be saved. The second baby came and off he went as well. 'errm What can I say, the ambitious mom of two thought she had just lost it all, well the placenta stuck to the womb and she was at the mercy of the Doctors. If the placenta was forced out, she would bleed to death, if she was to save her life, she would loose her womb. The husband had to sign to consent to the surgeon removing her wives womb. Well, at least she was saved. Damn! what Doctors do for money.

2. A baby, just before it was born excreted in the mom and ate the faeces (Poor thing, must have been hungry). The baby had the entire lungs obliterated and has had several surgeries just few days after delivery. The mom was also waiting to go through a surgical operation.

These were just the ones I can remember out of the stories. I have a phobia for hospitals, I was already shivering. It just suddenly dawn on me that God is the giver of life and when He asks for it, we have no say whatsoever.
This post is a homage of Thanks for the miracle of sleeping daily and waking up, the gift of life, the hope for purpose and the continuity of creativity and existence. You are not better than scavengers in the dump (BBC 2: Welcome to Lagos). You did not choose your birth place. You might not have what you want yet, he's giving you all you need. (For sake of space). You mos def should understand already. Give Thanks.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I sit here tryna decipher it all
Yet prose won’t conform; only it holds back.
It was short-lived the spur for this converse
Yet it’s connotation, the communiqué of my days
A certain phenomenon that ploughs deep to ancestry
A pedigree long forgotten
A derivation full of conceit
A cradle where significance lies
What more, the place where meaning unfolds

A snuffle and off it went
Reverie came and you can’t nip
Its disparate, u never been near it
You grab a hold, it don’t leave you
Hiatus and suddenly you see
Its simplicity, it’s the truth
A clarion call, aloud it says
Back to the roots, long forgotten
Back to the roots, it’s the place of sense
Back to the roots, the purpose of existence

That once a man surfaced
Less need I say, a god
A call to redemption he brought
God’s intention for mankind
Man shall live to die
What more thereafter?
A life beyond?
Cease of existence?
Deep down you know
You need a saviour
Catastrophe abounds, the signs of his return
And pointless you wait
What more need you
Daily earthquakes?
Volcanic ash?
More bombing, more war?
homosexuality, futile killings?
I tell u this, can you not see
Signs are here, it wont be long
Back to the roots, where you belong
Back to the roots, the place of hope
Back to the roots, its salvation
Back to the roots, get you back
Back to the roots!!!

P.S. Don't wait for the next catastrophe to unfold before u reckon with Christ's coming. He said there'll be famine, there you had the recession. Back to the roots.

(C) Kennisblegad 2010.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Rod need not spare.

Knock knock He woke me in the morning
Braced in the arms
Laced for the day
Prepared for the path
Knock was the sound I heard once I stole a cookie
Knock that never despise
He gets it all across
Knock to help understand,
It does get confused.
Knock was the threat he used
when astray I walked
Knock to learn algebra
when I can't comprehend
Knock that made better
while away alone.
Knock I remembered,
I won't do the don'ts
Knock I grew to know
Its the language of kingship
Knock I daily realized
Its the spirit of love
The roads were empty
the knocks directed me
Constantly leading up
the way of greatness

In my sojourn I see
a niche for royalty
the rest undefined
No one learns easy
Correction yields direction
so persistence does confidence
A teach of integrity
A road for leaders

(C) Kennisblegad 2010

Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Metaphoric person in me

When I stray like a free range chicken
He draws me like Michael Phelps free stroking
Just when my head needs comforting
He gets there like Usain bolt sprinting
I know not wat d future is saying
He calms by saying wat deep sinks
Hope he gives. Assuredly.
He's a person, only i can't see.
When i starve like a lost soldier
He takes me to December,
where my chickens become turkey
When its cloudy and i cant see
He brings light like the sun in the middle of summer
When im down like a grounded Boeing
He gets me fly, im like Air force one
Im so cold, standing in the winter heat
The way he warms me, u'll think I had the chilli peppers
He's a person, I need him more
The person of the Holy spirit

(c) kennisblegad 2010.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

constant self seeking

I think of the hustle of my everyday life and all it reminds me of are my big dreams. If for one thing only, life if full of hopes, even when hope only means desire not actualised. Perhaps that's what keeps us going, perhaps that's the only thing we need. There lies so much vision and abmition, purpose for the yet to come. we just are goal haunted. A life of endless self - pursuit. Desires, goals, search of existence, finding fulfilment, material or imaterial, much of all about our journey, not the destination, reminds me of What is this life, if full of care: by William Henry Davies

What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

No time to stand beneath the boughs
And stare as long as sheep or cows.

No time to see, when woods we pass,
Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass.

No time to see, in broad daylight,
Streams full of stars, like skies at night.

No time to turn at Beauty's glance,
And watch her feet, how they can dance.

No time to wait till her mouth can
Enrich that smile her eyes began.

A poor life this is if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Big city, beautiful landscape
You have it all
yet you dont have at all
Your blessed by nature
yet your own suffer by the day
Your resources abound by the day
yet your citizens are right at the bay
When will it be, when the struggles
Yeah struggles of your heroes will mean much ?
As I write of you, in deep thoughts
Tears rolling down my face won't hold back

Who has bewitched you
Who placed you a curse
Why the struggles, why the hustles
Your full of potential
only you keep throwing them away
They all call you great
You keep naming yourself the least
Why your greed. why your lies
When will it be, when you turn a new leaf

Decades after decades, you betray your own
Your corruption makes you least sustainable
Who would have thought,
That you'd remain here till now
It's past time,
You need to have moved the upward rein
You rendered many generations void of thier talents
You fight corruption
While your the first at it.
What an hypocrite you are
What a liar you are.

It takes less stress being who you are
Its a lot more being who you're not.
But all you've taught your own
Through all of your instabilities
Is being who they can't be
They far off your coast,
Constantly rebranding identities
Yeah far off your coast
Not a frame to identify with you
Fear of flight and fear of fight
You have betrayed your own
Why the betrayer

(c)Kennisblegad 2010

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

To the one who deserves a good laugh

Sitting here reminiscing
I see the day I first left a comment
I hear the reply how it first felt
I see the day I first said Hello
I hear the Hi what it really meant
I see the day you first called by name
I hear the anonymity how I first erred
I see the day when we first talked
I hear the acquaintance how we wasn't bare
I see the day we drift into long chat
I feel the dreams how it will never end
I see the day we talked into hours
I see the day we laughed into the night
I see the day we slept off conversing
I'd rather you slpet off, im only nocturnal
I hear the wake up calls
The entourage, while you're to work every morning
Reminiscing, I see the shops that sold those chat cards
I realise how the long hours were never good enough
I realise how the songs were steady, the mood was right
I see how perfect it all was, never been better
I see how I made the rush forward. couldn't wait.

But then a sudden drift, away from all it was.
I dare not say I dont remember how it felt
Yet I need not mention for the better days
And yet again, it seem so good to be back again
For people who fall and rise have the firmest grip
I see how the fall don't matter anymore.
I realise how it could be better of from what it first was
I have seen what its going be if you would let it be
Its all been within a phase, a season, a quarter
And now while another quarter seem to begin with you
The best that would happen is the us that first was
Will you look forward and see what it is?
Remember the catch phrase, be happy
Every new phase deserves a new rise
I see a time bright and shinning
I see the days we'll chill and settle down
Yeah we'll chill and go to the mall
Have the breakfasts in bed.
The showers wont end. the laughs wont die
The flowers will be alive, there will be a meaning
Its going be always, those seasons that fade
Reminiscing, I see what's yet to come.
Just chill and let it be that's yet to come
And yeah need less to say. Happy Anniversary!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Memoirs of Betrayal

Big City, beautiful landscape
Your splendour of day amazes me
Your hoot at night attends to bliss
Your sky scrapping each moment long to see
I adore you, gave you a name
I treasure you, tend your gardens
A painting of you, graceful smile to behold
Big City, Oh what palette created you?

Big City, damn lights
I wake up early running to you
I strain my thigh, sprinting at you
Winter heats, I didn’t look back
Your polity, I didn’t see
Your conurbation full of Junkies
You desert me I need to say

Big, aha are you not the average city
Blind lights, concrete jungle
I’d rather you’re not the big I named you
I gave you all, you gave away
Ambience, facade, lost it all you
When just you neglected your own
Big city, oh what grandeur
You’re so lonely why the betrayer

(C) Kennisblegad 2010

Friday, 1 January 2010

Alas the underwear detonator: Image of a Nigerian Youth

Deliberate handling of the ball in soccer is an offence which is culpable by regulations and standards. Handling it, like Henry did near the end of France’s World Cup qualifying match with Ireland, before passing to Gallas to score makes it blames aggravating.

Surmised circumstances that can be imaginatively contextualised includes Henry’s coaches supposedly had encouraged cheating which holds quite not possible a proof. Culture may mitigate blameworthiness; unfortunately 82% of French people dislike how France qualified, given cheating is not typical of French culture as well as not typical of Henry’s career as a footballer.

Should FIFA have rigged to put a big name country on the world cup qualifier list, by putting a referee with history on a crucial match to decide the next world cup qualifying team, blame would be mitigated of Henry, but be of FIFA’s.

The culprit consolation, only after he had celebrated the goal sounds rather hypocritical to many and worse still, a subsequent pass of the buck to the referee. Now, who is to blame, perhaps there still exists a regulation body that should appoint competent personnel over any critical match and subsequent comply or explain standards should rule whenever the personnel fails to comply his duties.

An exceptional case of a Nigerian youth which is in no way similar but entirely explains how failures of a board would entirely announce culpability of a region, group or sect of people is the imminent case of terrorism by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab in his bid to detonate a bomb on a flight to Detroit, U.S.

Culpability in Umar Farouk’s random act is not of culture. There has been nothing of such in existence of history in Nigeria as a nation or of a Nigerian as an individual. Perhaps blame would stem from religious strife formerly carried out in the northern part of the nation, however, it might mitigate blame to say that violence were never abrupt, as to bombing of innocent people without basis. It was a war between fanatics and violence was only perpetrated when a rival fails to acknowledge the existence of another religion, for example Muslims would ask if you were a Christian and you oppose Islam before they carried out their deadly acts, although that in itself is outlandish.

If that does not satisfy, as 82% of French people dislike the manner in which France qualified for the world cup, only 6 days after the news of the devilish act, it is not surprising to see over 56, 000 Nigerian youths on a social web group page all singing one song, “We Condemn Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab's Action: Nigerians are NOT Terrorists “. Suffice it to say that culture mitigates, Nigerians are not and have never been known for terrorism.

To further stress how culture does not impose a threat, the Father of the so-called culprit had earlier informed the American embassy in Nigeria of the suspect’s idiosyncrasy, perhaps the quirk is a disturbed eccentric individual. Similarly, President Obama admits system failure and considers it unacceptable for a warning since November not to have placed the alleged on a no-fly list. It is imperative to note that this is enough indication that the failures of a body that is aimed at solving and preventing crimes and terrorism could do well to tarnish the image of the happiest people on earth and quite often too as others have always done.

While I rest my rest my fingers from this keyboard, I won’t fail to but mention that Nigerians are fun and peace loving people. Our social vices do not in any way define us and of course terrorism is not and never will be one of those things we would condone.

(C) Kennisblegad 2010