Thursday, 29 December 2011

The woman of my dreams.

I realized my blog has received massive lot of views on my June 15 2010 meme titled 'Today's Outlook and Proverbs 31 Woman: Contrast' click here to see it and recently looking through my drafts folder, I saw a post I never published, written about a year ago which is my idea of a Proverbs 31 woman and I decided to put it up, so there you go.

The moment I meet her I know her. I know her name and I'm in love with her. I have never fallen in love but she is the true definition of love. The woman of my dreams. She wakes up daily to fall on her knees. We never miss our hours of prayer. We are in constant sync with the Lord coz He has shown us what the true definition of love is. I know her like my own heartbeat, just the right words to calm her when she's cranky, just the right jokes to cheer her when she's down, just the right movies to see that will make us both laugh.

She is an idol, but she isn't my altar, for only God we'll both worship and serve and she brings the constant reunion to him. Even our parents, at their old age are motivated to continually seek the Lord. For the kind of love we share, neighbors are jealous. Oh! How I know that you are my last rib, bone of my bones, God made me an help mate. Love and Honor are the words of the scripture and that is what we fulfill in our daily lives. Matrimony is simple, we are bound together, for the woman who honors, a man simply loves.

She brings food, our kids seated at the table, saying the grace. They know HIS word, doing exploits. They are a model of kids. The gospel shall they preach among their peers. Every vain and vile word, they always abhor. They are reading daily and constantly learning it; the word. They experience the love of a family rooted in God, all their needs provided for. Night club shootings, rapes and murders, but we're never worried when chaos on the block we see. They are protected by the Lord, they mind their own ways.

Brain and beauty, classy and elegant. You are a beauty to behold, but farther from what they see, I see the beauty within. I'll take you to see the pyramids of Khafre, by the beach in Mallorca and Ibiza, we'll chill. Spend all the time with you in Bahamas and sail all around the Carribean. No better person to wake up next to in France, back-packing across Europe. We'll enjoy the fine and simple things of life together, racing on an empty road in Germany. Para-sailing in Trinidad. Eating fresh coconut by the seaside, we love it, Italian pasta, Spanish calamaris and French moscato

Our anniversary is special but every day is an anniversary. Fifty years of marriage and people still look up to us, young couples seek advice, how do we revitalize it? How the love stands out, they never cease to be amazed and then God's word is taught through a living testimony. God's love to mankind expressed. Ah! how I love you. The words only you will understand, the names only you will answer, the jokes only you will get. Can't live apart for a day without you, heart races. And the romance, Shakespeare can't describe. The Queen Nefertiti I see, Pablo Picasso can't paint. I would do anything for you and you would do even more. You are my girl, you are the woman of my dreams and I'll lead you right.

Friday, 23 December 2011

My twenty eleven diary

It's a great thing to go back and check your goals
Goals achieved, goals not met, goals not set, goals aspiring
It's accountability.
How else to measure life's worth without periodic reviews?
As the year is closely out,
I've gone back to see 2011 goals,
Smiling over 2010 ones,
It's amazing to see how far I've grown.
All I can say is I'm thankful.
I've learnt so much
I've been given so much
I've given out much more
Things I desired,
Without a clue how it would happen
I've conquered them, without realizing.
Things that haven't come to pass,
I know I don't deserve them yet.
People I met,
I made valuable impacts on their lives.
People I couldn't impact,
Let's just say I'm not Clark Kent [YET]
There's this reassurance that the future is bright
Beautifully crafted life for the living.
All I want is living for purpose
I'm thankful for the two most wonderful people in my life
My Parents. I love them so much.
I am nothing without them.

And even this, I'll show Kennisblegad twins in 2050
And we'll share the laughs, seeing how far we've come
And fingers crossing how far we have to go.
So, as I rest my fingers off musings from this keyboard,
I pick up a pen and write me some 2012 goals
Happy holidays everyone.
Thanks for all your kind criticisms, comments and friendship.
Much love and wishing you a prosperous 2012 ahead.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

DTA Don't Trust Anyone yet Don't Over think

So as I grow I learn
that people would always see
rather talk about when you fail
than all the times you succeeded
rather listen to when you couldn't care
than all the care and love you showed
rather talk about one mistake you made
than everything you did right
rather remember when you couldn't be there
than all the sacrifices you made
always remember your ugly features
than all the beauty within
remember when you couldn't tip well
than all the offerings you gave

And yet so well, Don't trust anyone
Your sympathizers could be backbiters
Your well wishers could bring you down
Your best friend could be your worst enemy
Man is selfish, it's his nature
Naked and empty to this world you came
Easier to survive holding nothing close-tight
Loosen the fist, don't over think
Believe in yourself
Naked and empty you'll return
Bitter truth still don't over think

And to the one you have a weakness for
They have the power of controlling you
You would compromise for them
And do the things you wouldn't do
And that innocent face
will comae back to haunt you
make you feel guilty
'Coz of the weakness within
Don't over think but trust lightly

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Monday, 12 December 2011

I'm an African with seven lives

While I sit here on this long ride home
Anxiously awaiting the limited stop train
Dowtrodden of the hiccups on the rail
Irritated of the incessant stop at those stations
clueless of what time it shall be
when my destination I'll reach
Sometimes doubtful if I'll make it on time
But seldomly reminded that someone has been on a similar ride

All that keeps me going is the end in sight
I can't nip now
And no I won't go back
Stories of heroes are always heard
Memories may fail to fade
But pains don't last an age
Experiences forever to last
No stopping beneath the cloud
For there are heights yet attained
Spaces abound right to the moon

And when my home I reach,
Yet another voyage I seek
For the day I stop trying
Is the same day I die
Lumps shall smoothen
And with vast confidence
The words I'll proclaim
Sweet Jesus!
Seven lives that's what I've got
I'm an african boy!

n.b: image copied from goolge images

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Reincarnated mankind

Another age ends
And yet a cycle begins
The folk tales of our predecessors
We live now herewith
Yet another voyage
But again reincarnation
A comeback of our ancestors
Purposeless meaningless
We lack objectivity
Daring not say no
No questions asked
No truth unfold
And yet again a cycle repeats
Oh but a new age revealed
Are we only organisms?
Meant us for extinction?
Insignificant we stand?
Why not a new path thread?
No purpose sought
Old epistles
I’m tired of the similar
Give me not the typical
Simply not original
Feed me not the usual
I’m seeking in-familiar
We’re handed down from generation
Tales our fathers believed
And we teach our children
The life we met here
Humanity, pointless are you?
How untrue, the lies you believe
I’m asking questions
I want meanings
I want answers

Saturday, 1 October 2011

In my City

On a visit back to my zone
I wake up from the morning snooze
And there radio goes off in news
Stories that make me wanna noose
Of a people who can't choose
Just one savior who can rule

I cool off, I swag out
into the city where I grew
Colored tees, tinted screens
Crowd starring, Kids yelling
Hustlers hawking, tires screeching
constant honking, traffic piling
Hello Hello L.O.L
Music jamming loud as hell
People chattering you can tell
Chiming sounding like a bell
That's my city, that's my nation
Poverty without a depressed soul
And you say you're poor?
You have the wealthiest soul I've seen
It's perspective yo
That's my city, that's my home.
Happy Independence Nigeria

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A Revival

The son you sent I admire
To live his life's desire
The reason why I'm wired
To engineer real fire
Fire in my bones, fuel in my stream
And let the spirit you gave
Cause a mighty spark of faith
My breath's now your oxygen
That when the spirit ignites
The air I breathe sense signals
Your spark travels speed of light
My fuel distilled to it's best
An awakening, clarion call
My tissues and veins, giant wires
Sends a lightening to my being
Oh Holy! I'm lit
Blown up for your glory
And yeah, let me burn
Shown forth in the spirits gifts
Kindness and love
Wisdom in spite of foolish bluff
Understanding in confused times
Piety and fortitude
Knowledge forsaking ignorance
Oh the spirit of counsel
And then the fear of the Lord
I have had him as a dove, gentle
Now in the midst of fire I want
Let me burn, let me burn
Exploits I can't attain
I'll do them, Let me do
I'll see visions and I'll praise
Let my heart pump
Your revival call
I'll give it all
And this vessel of clay
Will gladly decay
Let me burn, A new revival.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Inner being Call

Lord I need more
More love to give all
All imperfections borne
And insecurities adorn
Give them all up
Bodily values
Forms of materialism
Offer them all
As on the cross
He took it all

Lord I want more
Inner being call
Pumping blood tissues
Vessels that'll decay
Fist full of strength
Broad thickened veins
Manly in the flesh
Spirit incontinent
Coming to hibernation
Every other night
When mightily I sleep

Lord I wish to
Take that snoring nap
Nap to this flesh
Every other day
Slumber of death
Every other night
When these desires
Desires that kill
To you lowly dies
And stores up virtues
That forever lives
Abounding in strength
Ripped and shaped
packed in values
Built immunities
That when to I shut down
In glory I resurrect

Thursday, 22 September 2011

This one's to my Dad

A ponder, I nod
The tune it brings to life
A music to mind
How to love
Voiceless as it may
Someone taught me
A living legend
A vicar without a ring
Countless gracefulness
Beyond what is seen
Far from what is said
He's a legend
The life he's giving
Not bought in price
And far from pride
He's the best
He makes me proud
And just one prize
A true replica
I wish to give back
Each living day
Gently as He is
He's carved a niche
My Inspiration
For finding purpose
And giving back all
The best I crave
Much yet better
The seeds I'll make

Forgive quickly
Is what I learnt
Clearly I see
All that there is
And far from those
Who teach morals
He shows virtues
Pains in quietness
To give the best
To those He may
The reason I'm grateful
I just realized
He's not a right
He's a gift
Much well a privilege
Happy Birthday Dad.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A purpose drive

I'm on a flight jet to destiny
Boeing so high I can't hear booing
Claiming the race track in the air
I'm on that track list winners hear
When yet another plaque is won
My glory dance on repeat mode
You know I'm winning every moment
I'm built in towers of excellence
being best at yet another reign
Winning the future by the moment
Subjecting best deeds acclaimed prior
Now is the age of brilliance
I'm addressing my polished state
Making finished art yet better
I'm on the highway to perfection
Foundation of steel
Mould to last a lifetime
Made for the strongest winds
I'm the stoma for great treasures
Wealth labelled priceless
Hidden virtues of the inner being
Rubies terraria can't find
Unspeakable, Indescribable
And just one thing I live for
My purpose, my call
When I'm done, You'll hear encore

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Homeless on a sojourn

Home, where my heart belongs
Soul-food, beautiful providence
A word spake you
Rhythm in my head made
Thoughts align in ease
It's simplicity

Pictures we seek, verbatim
Paintings we adore rhythmical
Sojourn you love, that's my perch
Journeys we'd make, that's bliss
The jokes we'd laugh
Striving honesty, evidence of truth
Peter Pan syndrome, Guilty!
You're not a baby
You're my baby

Backpacks we'll grab
And off we go
Spontaneous, Our favorite word
Self acclaimed nerd
I'm just a little undercover at that
Alas the OCD I accept
Living for purpose, seek we both
True meaning
God's intention for mankind
We hate jobs, prefer productivity
Positivity is the drive
Truest deepest things
that's where we live
Meanings, that's what we unfold

Music amazing, dance eclectic
Home, I found none like thee
where in peace I rest
And though on the hill I stand
Right next you're standing tall
In the coldest winter
The warmest cover brought thee

Home, a journey I made
a journey without you
Just a few miles
And off I am
Oh I see thee not
Hopeless where I'd live
Now I'm homeless
I wander the street
My heart's roaming
'Coz I no longer have a home
I'm dancing nude
finding the rhythm
Trying to laugh
Only jokes are dry
Freshness turned paleness
Moscato now sour
Shrooms feel numb
Ecstasy just bare
Home, I need aesthetics
No I want not the house
Oh I need the lasting home.

His will to do

And here, like a bull
I’m, always focused stunting
If I ever fall off,
I hit the ground running
A Bull’s run
Isn’t just automotive rallies
That’s why Chupinazo
Is the biggest in San Fermin
Futuristic I am,
Only the end in sight
Yet I won’t hesitate
the moment I live herewith,
I jump over ropes.
They are standing there, I see
Obstacles wrapped like gold
Luring me I know
Seem a worthy experience
They make you forget quickly
The back to the roots anthem
But futuristic I am,
Death at the end of tunnel
Even that won’t stop luring
But I know the path to choose
I follow a sign that reads 'life'

A bull isn’t always running
At times He stays at ease
When He stands still,
He steps aback in strength
And then a comeback,
A powerful return expect
So, as a bull I am,
Sometimes I hold my peace
Yeah in the midst of fury
Still Focus and re-focus
Threatening paths seen clearly
I take the route of faith
I’m a warrior in this game
In spite what the path says
I know my way home
Too futuristic for noisy gongs
I can't be bothered with these.
I tell you it's what I see
Africa is where honesty is
So I live the future I see,
Trying to make a difference here
And being hopeful for peace.
Craving the change I envision
Thirsting for what's to be,
I know the future is here.
I know we are the dream.

Amidst truest hopes,
It's evident, vision blurs
Trust in myself,
Is danger in itself
I long to take control,
But bad mistakes I make
I'm a sinking Titanic
A bad captain self-made
The road to destruction
Is where my lead paves
But just your will I follow
My journey attains ease
And only your word I revere
Perfection is the future
So my ways seek I forsake
My ignorance aside I lay
And one thing alone I pray
The background only may I play

Thursday, 21 April 2011

The amazing simple me

Looking back the years,
Few still they are,
Definition of a gentleman evolved.
I really want to teleport,
I want to see the future,
Or at least know it.
But then is the future written?
Or my own actions determine my destiny
Horoscope is virtually overrated
I love the laugh,
Love every adventure
And even want more.
On a rainy day,
I'll take off my jacket
I don't deny the cold,
But I'll keep the helpless warm.
The person I was made to be,
So unique, can't try to change it.
Respect every race, don't see colors,
Respect every weight, no one paunchy
And so I wonder,
Are my actions human enough?
People don't get me,
But that don't change me
The morality I was born with,
To those who matter, they don't mind
For those who mind, it don't matter
And when it's all said and done,
It comes back to one question
Did I live to be who I was born to be?
Or did I obsess life, trying to be like anyone?
I'd rather the former than the latter.
Easier being me than chasing shadows
Just an amazing simple me.

Monday, 7 March 2011

That the flesh decrease and spirit might live

Lord you want all of me
For me to be in awe of you
But I keep running back and forth
Trying to fix things I can't afford
I know you died for me to live
And life you lived for me to die
To the things of flesh for me to die
A new life desired for me to live
But why is it too hard to believe
That just a man like me you lived
And did the things I can't achieve
A simple life and all you gave
Beyond what strength and pride will gain
A holy life for me to live
Is why you died on Calvary
Your blood to bury all my sins
Your fire to spark my spirit life
So when sin comes, a vice in time
The orgasm reaches it's peak
The pleasure deceives as if its real
But back again it leaves me weak
As if the blunt dissolved in frisk
The blunt is weak it leaves me weak
Your word is peak, it gets me high
My 5 senses the pleasure feel
Erupting blood in the brain cells
And back again a cycle I see
Self condemnation the things I did
It's emptiness, my spirit perceives
The things that make my flesh increase
And oh I pray the flesh decrease
Like air freely my spirit lives
To get me to the holy place
A flight like when the kush I puff
Brings me into a freaky state
But now only your word I puff
And oh the blunt I puff is weak
But blunt is your word, I'll eat and live

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Less Precision, playing the background

The street is dead, just a weird looking guy walking down, weird because he was soliloquizing, with a backpack strapped behind him. I watched him as he took every step down the road and then looking further down, a car negotiating a turn, as the man walks by, the car turned, the street is dead again, back to how it was. I popped my head back into the room from the window, it's more like an habit, popping the head out of the window, looking out to watch the quiet of the night. I could stay there for minutes except that this time it snowed 6 - 7 inches in the last 24 hours and when the ice starts to melt, it gets colder, even though I do love the breeze at times when the room gets too warm from the power consuming electric heater, right next to the sliding window. back in the room, a TV show I had watched earlier in the night, "Southland" is on repeat on TNT. The words 'okie dokie smokie' coming out from the mouth of a little kid as if it's the title of this particular episode. I picked up my laptop and looked at the time, it's 12:12 am. What am I doing up at this time? Rains of thought going through my head. I love precision. I'm a man of many plans, I have plans A to Z, but recently things have not been working all according to plans, several issues waiting to be resolved. I still know me and I'm still very conscious of what I want from life, but pointless as it may be at times, plans might not work the exact way we want it. All I can muse right now is a word of prayer 'Lord, my human and physical endeavors may fail but at the time when I reach my dead end, mostly that is the time you show up to lead the way for your glory. Give me direction. Give me direction. Let me not be lost. Give me direction. I can play the background, but please take the lead.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Do you think of sulfur when you think of Dafur? (Slam Poetry)

I don't think of sulfur when I think of dafur.
Yet sulfur aids gun powders in a city of war.
I see an old friend and forgot their sibling's name
I guess I'm too blessed to reflect my real name
Do I know my mates are full of depression?
What if I do what could I really do?
How often do I ask a brother if they're broke?
I cooked my favorite food and let the trash eat it
But trust me that's not an option for a King in Haiti
I woke up to work this morning groaning
Cairo woke to war this morning, what shall she do?
I'm too blessed to be stressed yet clenching fist to get all I expect
I'm unapologetic of rebellion to order
But Tunis is faced with protest of a new Arab world order
I'm humpy grumpy snappy cranky grouchy pissy. Attitude.
I forgot easily my eyes fed with the pity of Makoko slum. Ingratitude.
So, Do you think of sulfur when you think of Dafur?
Yes sulfur aids gunpowder in a city of war

Sunday, 30 January 2011

How not to be a junkie

I have often wondered why God created the apple in the garden of Eden and yet against his 'creating everything that is good skills', told man to stay away from it, the same God who made grapes, hops, cereal grains like malted barley, wheat, rice and corn and still in his manual to us, warns not to be drunken with wine. Who created plants for bubblegum Kush, Marijuana, Weed, blunts, the green or whatever it is called? Why would He create something and want us to stay away from it?

I concluded that God uses even the things He made to teach us sacrifice. why can't most people try a jellyfish? If everything was edible and consumable, there would be no need to discipline ourselves of anything, whereas discipline is a virtue that God extols. Heb 12:6 'for those whom the Lord loves He disciplines' Proverbs 12:1 'Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge'

On the other hand, these substances strips men naked of their dignity just in the same vein like the apple did in the garden of Eden. Alcohol and drugs are those major substances that induces most of the moral decadence in our society today. Most murderers are cowards when they are not high. Most rapists can't touch a woman without being drunk. Most robbers need certain drugs before they can go ahead with their mission. Most women have a sense of decency without Hennessy.

So, the next time you look around, see that not everything that seem pleasing to the eyes is worthy of the body to partake. To justify every illegitimate act against His will, we can always find an excuse, but in the end the serpent never tells the consequences of the apple before he offers a well shaped fruit. (I wonder why we still eat apples, must it have been another fruit back then. j/k). To yield our body as a living sacrifice, we cannot make every substance an 'inbox worthy archive'. We have to sieve what belongs to junk mail and spam into a recycle bin and delete unwanted inwardness.
Romans 12:1 'I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, [which is] your reasonable service'

What's your take on yielding our bodies as a living sacrifice unto God? How can we effectively yield against the desires of the flesh? I would love and appreciate different views, please keep it coming. Thanks for the comments and have a terrific week.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Striving the waiting list

I woke up as a child sprinting
Like Usain Bolt running
Like MLK dreaming
following the world
doing the things of the heathen
but I didn't know Christ protects my rights
He was pierced to save me
Why do I need body piercing?
been to the court without a dime
to hire a lawyer for all my crimes

Now I'm tired I see the light
Shinning bright lights of a new day
Giving hopes for the perfect day
The more I dream, the more I see
It's hard to be who I believe
I wanna do right, I wanna live it
But when you think, you're over it
You realize the talk is easier than walk
But then failure isn't easy
Faith and action is life and bliss

Monday, 17 January 2011

On love versus law

She sat there among a congregation of older women. It was just few weeks after she returned to church and this time around she has decided to do it the right way. The weekly bible study began and the only things she gained at the end were all words of condemnation and new adjectives at castigating being a single mother and having a baby out of wedlock. Even though nobody mentioned her name, she knew they were all talking about her. Everyone talked and debated about it, she was the only one mute all through. At last one of the women said well, at least having a baby out of wedlock is better than abortion and just then everyone kept quiet, like they did when Christ asked which one of you has not committed a sin before. She left feeling dejected all over again, she thought God had forgiven her, she was already getting over this loss of self worth and trying to get to a place of justification, but now she felt she shouldn't have attended that meeting. At least, it wouldn't make her feel bad again about the memories of the last 3 years.

I understand the concept of standard in the church. I value and embrace laying a foundation for members to follow, but what happens when people fall? Are we God enough to condemn them and make them feel bad about themselves? Do we owe God an exemplary life of love towards other people to make them feel accepted? If we as Christians cannot love the church and the people of the world, how can they believe that God loves them and accepts them just the way they are?

Luke 10:27 He answered: "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'"

What do you think about standards in the church that condemns having a baby out of wedlock or getting married after defiling the bed, the consequence being that the church will not conduct such naming or wedding ceremony? These are the sins with physical manifestations, what about the ones we do not see? I believe God does not place our sins in order of its gravity. John 8 :7 'Let he who is without sin cast the first stone' Standards are good, for He did not come to abolish the law but to fulfill them, but how do we show love and not drive people away by laying down laws that make them feel refused. For if the people they see cannot accept them, how can they feel justified by God who they cannot see?

I really appreciate everyone's contribution. Thanks and have a blessed week.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Inferiority? Not my consent

So I'm black as the street is
Suffice How you treat me?

What if I'm a newbie ?
Im bright as the bees Knee

Why should you dress to impress
When your stress ain't getting of your neck

I'm flying from striving
Running from boring
Diving from eruptions
Escaping the floods

I'm tired of the typical
Come walk in my shoes
It's about a new moon
Why write an old epistle

I'm a nocturnal animal
Different from your typical
Think you know me at all?
My advice is try again.

You seem I'm predictable?
Unbeatable is the word
Stronger than the rest of them
I'm up till the sun is out

Greatness is an attainment
Quit being the bare noisy gong

Never underrate a powerful thinker
The results might be lean today
He will be a surprise in common hours.

Never conform or consent to inferiority. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Seek always for by looking for one thing you will find another. This is the path to wisdom.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


I have a name, I'd rather not say
But it's most exciting thing I've heard recently.

I gave a name,
And It's hilarious
It's not a pseudonym
It describes intellect

Few hours feel like a lifetime
The moments I thought would never come

I enjoy having the instance unfold
The element of surprise
Natural occurrence unplanned
The distance I dread

I feel like the most adventurous man
Coz there's dozens of questions unanswered
Yet voyage so exciting, I can't even turn back

A phenomenon so complete, it gets scary
Coz perfection don't exist, but I love the laugh

I just understood, keep your friends close
They don't live twice
So I'll let you know, you are my surprise
I thought I told you once
Now I will tell you twice
There's nothing I prize
Beyond your amazing eyes

I'm sharing my blessings.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

On the subject of Faith

The substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.
Different from believing, hence you can believe something and not have Faith in it. Knowing that a problem exists but not seeing the problem. Knowing that you are sick but acting like you are well. Knowing how bad you did in an examination but proclaiming that you have passed with A* grades. Knowing that your career is bleak but declaring that you have a beautiful enterprise. Knowing what your bank account says but being boastful in the Lord financially. Putting behind those things that are still present and gaining confidence through the Holy ghost by overcoming the existence of such problems. God saw darkness, but he declared light at creation, that is Faith and He has put in every one of us a measure of it as at the moment we first believed for Salvation is by grace through FAITH. How else can you believe that a God exists if you never have seen HIM? Only we need to continually activate it and grow daily by putting it to use through the simple, common things that happen to us.

Lord! Give me a higher measure of faith in you. One that will fail to recognize any of my worries and in obedience declare the light in the midst of every darkness. Amen!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

It's a New age

It's a new age, with a new light. I have a firm realization of the God in me. My identity is restored. I do not have a soul. I am a soul, I only have a body. I begin to live consciously in the power of a renowned identity. I am not lost with the world, not lost in a crowd. The power of God reigns in me and I run the race, yet not I, but He who has redeemed me from the curse of the law, who was made a curse for me, for cursed is anyone who hangs on a tree. I only boast in the Lord. I am a shinning light to my world and my generation. His wonders shall they live to see.