Friday, 23 September 2011

Inner being Call

Lord I need more
More love to give all
All imperfections borne
And insecurities adorn
Give them all up
Bodily values
Forms of materialism
Offer them all
As on the cross
He took it all

Lord I want more
Inner being call
Pumping blood tissues
Vessels that'll decay
Fist full of strength
Broad thickened veins
Manly in the flesh
Spirit incontinent
Coming to hibernation
Every other night
When mightily I sleep

Lord I wish to
Take that snoring nap
Nap to this flesh
Every other day
Slumber of death
Every other night
When these desires
Desires that kill
To you lowly dies
And stores up virtues
That forever lives
Abounding in strength
Ripped and shaped
packed in values
Built immunities
That when to I shut down
In glory I resurrect


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