Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A Revival

The son you sent I admire
To live his life's desire
The reason why I'm wired
To engineer real fire
Fire in my bones, fuel in my stream
And let the spirit you gave
Cause a mighty spark of faith
My breath's now your oxygen
That when the spirit ignites
The air I breathe sense signals
Your spark travels speed of light
My fuel distilled to it's best
An awakening, clarion call
My tissues and veins, giant wires
Sends a lightening to my being
Oh Holy! I'm lit
Blown up for your glory
And yeah, let me burn
Shown forth in the spirits gifts
Kindness and love
Wisdom in spite of foolish bluff
Understanding in confused times
Piety and fortitude
Knowledge forsaking ignorance
Oh the spirit of counsel
And then the fear of the Lord
I have had him as a dove, gentle
Now in the midst of fire I want
Let me burn, let me burn
Exploits I can't attain
I'll do them, Let me do
I'll see visions and I'll praise
Let my heart pump
Your revival call
I'll give it all
And this vessel of clay
Will gladly decay
Let me burn, A new revival.


  1. like each bit more and more luv

  2. ahh that means a whole lot coming from you hun. ;)) gracias


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