Saturday, 1 October 2011

In my City

On a visit back to my zone
I wake up from the morning snooze
And there radio goes off in news
Stories that make me wanna noose
Of a people who can't choose
Just one savior who can rule

I cool off, I swag out
into the city where I grew
Colored tees, tinted screens
Crowd starring, Kids yelling
Hustlers hawking, tires screeching
constant honking, traffic piling
Hello Hello L.O.L
Music jamming loud as hell
People chattering you can tell
Chiming sounding like a bell
That's my city, that's my nation
Poverty without a depressed soul
And you say you're poor?
You have the wealthiest soul I've seen
It's perspective yo
That's my city, that's my home.
Happy Independence Nigeria

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