Thursday, 29 December 2011

The woman of my dreams.

I realized my blog has received massive lot of views on my June 15 2010 meme titled 'Today's Outlook and Proverbs 31 Woman: Contrast' click here to see it and recently looking through my drafts folder, I saw a post I never published, written about a year ago which is my idea of a Proverbs 31 woman and I decided to put it up, so there you go.

The moment I meet her I know her. I know her name and I'm in love with her. I have never fallen in love but she is the true definition of love. The woman of my dreams. She wakes up daily to fall on her knees. We never miss our hours of prayer. We are in constant sync with the Lord coz He has shown us what the true definition of love is. I know her like my own heartbeat, just the right words to calm her when she's cranky, just the right jokes to cheer her when she's down, just the right movies to see that will make us both laugh.

She is an idol, but she isn't my altar, for only God we'll both worship and serve and she brings the constant reunion to him. Even our parents, at their old age are motivated to continually seek the Lord. For the kind of love we share, neighbors are jealous. Oh! How I know that you are my last rib, bone of my bones, God made me an help mate. Love and Honor are the words of the scripture and that is what we fulfill in our daily lives. Matrimony is simple, we are bound together, for the woman who honors, a man simply loves.

She brings food, our kids seated at the table, saying the grace. They know HIS word, doing exploits. They are a model of kids. The gospel shall they preach among their peers. Every vain and vile word, they always abhor. They are reading daily and constantly learning it; the word. They experience the love of a family rooted in God, all their needs provided for. Night club shootings, rapes and murders, but we're never worried when chaos on the block we see. They are protected by the Lord, they mind their own ways.

Brain and beauty, classy and elegant. You are a beauty to behold, but farther from what they see, I see the beauty within. I'll take you to see the pyramids of Khafre, by the beach in Mallorca and Ibiza, we'll chill. Spend all the time with you in Bahamas and sail all around the Carribean. No better person to wake up next to in France, back-packing across Europe. We'll enjoy the fine and simple things of life together, racing on an empty road in Germany. Para-sailing in Trinidad. Eating fresh coconut by the seaside, we love it, Italian pasta, Spanish calamaris and French moscato

Our anniversary is special but every day is an anniversary. Fifty years of marriage and people still look up to us, young couples seek advice, how do we revitalize it? How the love stands out, they never cease to be amazed and then God's word is taught through a living testimony. God's love to mankind expressed. Ah! how I love you. The words only you will understand, the names only you will answer, the jokes only you will get. Can't live apart for a day without you, heart races. And the romance, Shakespeare can't describe. The Queen Nefertiti I see, Pablo Picasso can't paint. I would do anything for you and you would do even more. You are my girl, you are the woman of my dreams and I'll lead you right.


  1. Hmm.. Proverbs 31 repackaged for the 21st century? Nice one... May we also be the sort of lads the Proverbs 31 woman would want to marry and spend the rest of her life with.. :)  

  2. This is adorable! I pray you find her :) 

    You said it all here: 
    "She is an idol, but she isn't my altar, for only God we'll both worship and serve and she brings the constant reunion to him."

    She should bring you closer and not take His place. 

  3. Thanks man. your absolutely right. a lot of times it's more important to be the right lad before thinking about the ONE. thanks again for visiting

  4. I like your take on that babes. It's truly worth pondering how emotions can make us loose focus on some other important things especially the creator. hope your holiday is going great

  5. Nice one, I hope you meet this woman and she's all you dreamed of. You have to be worthy of her too, remember.

  6. ahhh Thanks a lot. Its awesome to see you visiting. Yeah I really hope to be that highly desired hero too. I know it takes great leader to shepherd a worthy follower. Thanks again for your comments. You inspire me.

  7. Interesting take on the Proverbs 31 woman. May you be the man she so deserves. 

  8. Thanks Wanda. I appreciate your comment. Tha'ts my constant prayer too, It's not enough to find 'the one' without being 'the one' so deserving our self


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