Friday, 23 December 2011

My twenty eleven diary

It's a great thing to go back and check your goals
Goals achieved, goals not met, goals not set, goals aspiring
It's accountability.
How else to measure life's worth without periodic reviews?
As the year is closely out,
I've gone back to see 2011 goals,
Smiling over 2010 ones,
It's amazing to see how far I've grown.
All I can say is I'm thankful.
I've learnt so much
I've been given so much
I've given out much more
Things I desired,
Without a clue how it would happen
I've conquered them, without realizing.
Things that haven't come to pass,
I know I don't deserve them yet.
People I met,
I made valuable impacts on their lives.
People I couldn't impact,
Let's just say I'm not Clark Kent [YET]
There's this reassurance that the future is bright
Beautifully crafted life for the living.
All I want is living for purpose
I'm thankful for the two most wonderful people in my life
My Parents. I love them so much.
I am nothing without them.

And even this, I'll show Kennisblegad twins in 2050
And we'll share the laughs, seeing how far we've come
And fingers crossing how far we have to go.
So, as I rest my fingers off musings from this keyboard,
I pick up a pen and write me some 2012 goals
Happy holidays everyone.
Thanks for all your kind criticisms, comments and friendship.
Much love and wishing you a prosperous 2012 ahead.


  1. Definitely.. 'Tis the time to pause, ponder and then to plot.. 

    I see you have Tyneside connections too.. nice!

  2. Oh ur in Tyneside sweet old Tyneside. I love that place. was living there during undergraduate years. Thanks for your comments mehn and wish u a prosperous holiday season.

  3. Happy Holidays to you too. Was surprised when I saw the reference to Clark Kent cause I just uploaded a post using the superman logo titled Boost! ( you should read it. LOL!

  4. I did check it out, it was a good read. Thanks for coming by brof. Bless you


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