Thursday, 21 April 2011

The amazing simple me

Looking back the years,
Few still they are,
Definition of a gentleman evolved.
I really want to teleport,
I want to see the future,
Or at least know it.
But then is the future written?
Or my own actions determine my destiny
Horoscope is virtually overrated
I love the laugh,
Love every adventure
And even want more.
On a rainy day,
I'll take off my jacket
I don't deny the cold,
But I'll keep the helpless warm.
The person I was made to be,
So unique, can't try to change it.
Respect every race, don't see colors,
Respect every weight, no one paunchy
And so I wonder,
Are my actions human enough?
People don't get me,
But that don't change me
The morality I was born with,
To those who matter, they don't mind
For those who mind, it don't matter
And when it's all said and done,
It comes back to one question
Did I live to be who I was born to be?
Or did I obsess life, trying to be like anyone?
I'd rather the former than the latter.
Easier being me than chasing shadows
Just an amazing simple me.