Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I sit here tryna decipher it all
Yet prose won’t conform; only it holds back.
It was short-lived the spur for this converse
Yet it’s connotation, the communiqué of my days
A certain phenomenon that ploughs deep to ancestry
A pedigree long forgotten
A derivation full of conceit
A cradle where significance lies
What more, the place where meaning unfolds

A snuffle and off it went
Reverie came and you can’t nip
Its disparate, u never been near it
You grab a hold, it don’t leave you
Hiatus and suddenly you see
Its simplicity, it’s the truth
A clarion call, aloud it says
Back to the roots, long forgotten
Back to the roots, it’s the place of sense
Back to the roots, the purpose of existence

That once a man surfaced
Less need I say, a god
A call to redemption he brought
God’s intention for mankind
Man shall live to die
What more thereafter?
A life beyond?
Cease of existence?
Deep down you know
You need a saviour
Catastrophe abounds, the signs of his return
And pointless you wait
What more need you
Daily earthquakes?
Volcanic ash?
More bombing, more war?
homosexuality, futile killings?
I tell u this, can you not see
Signs are here, it wont be long
Back to the roots, where you belong
Back to the roots, the place of hope
Back to the roots, its salvation
Back to the roots, get you back
Back to the roots!!!

P.S. Don't wait for the next catastrophe to unfold before u reckon with Christ's coming. He said there'll be famine, there you had the recession. Back to the roots.

(C) Kennisblegad 2010.


  1. You make me miss home bro. I love your writing :)

  2. Thanks brof. Ur a great inspiration. And u shud go home. Its well been days.

  3. I am planning to, very soon. When wld u b going?

  4. I dunno for now, burr in d nearest future. lol

  5. This is very good writing, you wrapped up the nostalgia very nicely. keep it up and thanks for joining my blog.

  6. Thanks a lot Myne. Its a honour having you here.

  7. thanks a bunch Jaycee. You're well an inspiration


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