Tuesday, 25 May 2010


You once were down there, about the lowest among the rest. You couldn't boast of much, you could do only less, you depended on HIM, HE used others to help. You were happy the way you were, grand joy with a stare at life, seeing it's only infinitesimal. Salvation was a lot. You loved the LORD, you served HIS course, you upheld HIS gospel. His truth laid you on the heart. You were sincere. And HE loves just that and brought you up. Out of the dunghill, elevated you, to live with Princes, HE expanded your coasts. Just a inch higher than you were. He's got bigger plans, only you know not. But now, you think within yourself; YES I HAVE ARRIVED. A drift away from HIM, you're suddenly complacent. why start living this way, why have you forgotten so soon. You were nobody, HE raised you. Now, you're the empty barrel, hence the boisterous noise. People that mattered most, they're now far off your league. The church has become a barbecue party, a jest to make others think you're all fly. Why do you forget so soon, the days of your little beginning? You didn't start all that big. Think about how you were polished, but now you're the lost in the jungle. You were far ahead on the perfect road, you turned back and started through the wrong route. HE still loves you much, still taking you places, but needs you to get back. BACK TO THE ROOTS. If only you can call, HE never condemns you. If only you'd ask, HIS grace is sufficient. HE doesn't want you perished. HE adores your soul. Just don't give up on HIM. HE hasn't given up on you. BACK TO THE ROOTS.

A wise man once told me; Always remember where you're coming from, that way, you'll never go wrong in life.

(C) Kennisblegad 2010.

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  1. Home truth! Home run! We all need a little backward glance from time to time - to remind us how far we've come with HIM! Great work

  2. Yeah home truth, if we fail to constantly remember the cycle of our journeys, we are bound to loose our ways. Thanks Imisi.

  3. awwww, this is a nice piece !

    we all have a responsibility to make a conscious effort in looking backwards and appreciating where we've been and where we are presently in other to stay focused on where He is leading us to..

    may we never forget our little beginnings so we can always remain humble to God.
    thanks 4 sharing

  4. much thanks Rainyjoy. Wise words. 'appreciating where we have been, where we are presently and where He is leading us to'.
    Thanks for showing up and shedding more light. Following ur blog now. follow back, pls. Much love.

  5. Oh Lord, I loved this. Thank you Father for the days of little beginnings. I read a book where the author said, "If you ever think you have it made, it's the end of your life." (paraphrased). There's always something new to learn.

  6. lol @ follow back, k , i just did but i think you r following the other blog of mine that is still under construction. The one am using ATM is 'rainyjoy'

    hv a great week !

  7. Thanks for dropping by Jaycee. and wow. It's a lot to say the end of life comes with thinking all has been conquered. I think complacency is only allowed in the grave then. I will tweet that like u would of done. :D

    Rainyjoy. I just googled you yeh. and guess wot. there's about only one Rainyjoy. lol. I guess I'm on the right blog now. :D


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