Thursday, 6 May 2010

10 things I love/ 10 things about me

1. I love God and my family. My Dad- Popman, Mom- Momsyheart, My brothers- TP2 & Kelat and my Sis- Sweetheart (we are like lovers)and funny enough, that's the name I gave them and we all call each other those names. I think Originality is me. lol. Im the last of four, Nothing beats having a great family where everyone is cool. Mine is gorgeous.

2. Godly wealth is good. I love money, but a crazy giver as well. It doesn't define me tho.

3. I love poetry. When I was a kid, my mom would write poems in Yoruba (Ewi)and I would learn them by heart and recite them in churches and schools. She was a good poet, and original too. I love her. I guess I got most of my talents from her. That's why I mostly write in a form of poetry of some sort. Guys, don't marry a girl if she's not intelligent, kids take after their mom's brain. (proven).

4. I love music. Well, there is no limit to the amount of music I listen to coz I sleep and study with music. And I can mix it good too. I deejayed for the International party in me Uni recently and gave them some Naija flavor. lol. I reckon they must be like who's this dude.

5. I love gadgets. Ipod, Iphone, Good Camera, Headphones, Laptops, Ipod dock speaker with bluetooth, My collection counts further. My digital world is wild and anything technology drives me crazy mehn. Im yearning for a 3D TV, Blu ray Home Cinema, Project Natal Xbox (check this out), Macbook Air (I don't dig Ipad). Well, in brief technology is way forward.

6. I love a good laugh. If you're comedy, we is friends. (lol). Russel Peters, Jamie Foxx, Chuck Norris, Jeff Dunham (check him out) + Naija comedians too. I go on and tease to get a laugh. I laugh like there's no tomorrow, lol like till I get every vein of my head swollen.

7. Movies, series, TV, During the times of Friends,Heroes and Prison break, I would be awake all night catching up. these days there isn't much time for TV, I still catch up with 'How I met your mother" and its my favorite show lol. I love The mentalist, Supernatural, CSI, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate housewives, Lost, Criminal Minds, Carlifornication and host of others.

8. I'm nocturnal and its like so bad that when I get a good sleep at night, I must have been well knackered during the day. I would usually sleep at 5 to wake up for 9 or 10 or leave for the day with a heavy eyes. I am so not a 'morning' person.
9. I love sports in general and football in particular. (especially English league)I fancy chilling with mates to watch good football and talk about sports in general.

10. 10 is pretty much a short list. I love discussing Business and politics, I love pretty and intelligent girls lol, photography, fashion, love looking sleek, chilling @ the beach and wot not. I love life n God gave this life to be enjoyed.

That's like 10 things about me everyone.


  1. I like money, but I don't love

    You like looking sleek...I see u. Nice one!

  2. U is unique, this your list does not have part 2 o! I love your list:)

  3. Thanks Olaoluwatomi. Ur list is well rad too.
    Jaycee, prolly the word should'a been like then. burr I guess u know wah I mean like Godly wealth is good. And tanx, sleek is way forward, I see u 2. lol

  4. I know the gadgets one very well about you. haha. I remember those days in Singapore, you'd always have your earphones one. LOL

    I love the names attached to siblings as well as parents. I call my Mum - 'Moi mi' hahah. I dont have a name for Dad yet but He is sure a pally anytime. lol

    Bring on Music, sport..

    Less I forget o... the love of money is the root of all evil. Like it, dont love it. haha (difference?)

    - LDP

  5. Interesting Post. I agree that Money answereth all things.


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