Tuesday, 25 May 2010


You once were down there, about the lowest among the rest. You couldn't boast of much, you could do only less, you depended on HIM, HE used others to help. You were happy the way you were, grand joy with a stare at life, seeing it's only infinitesimal. Salvation was a lot. You loved the LORD, you served HIS course, you upheld HIS gospel. His truth laid you on the heart. You were sincere. And HE loves just that and brought you up. Out of the dunghill, elevated you, to live with Princes, HE expanded your coasts. Just a inch higher than you were. He's got bigger plans, only you know not. But now, you think within yourself; YES I HAVE ARRIVED. A drift away from HIM, you're suddenly complacent. why start living this way, why have you forgotten so soon. You were nobody, HE raised you. Now, you're the empty barrel, hence the boisterous noise. People that mattered most, they're now far off your league. The church has become a barbecue party, a jest to make others think you're all fly. Why do you forget so soon, the days of your little beginning? You didn't start all that big. Think about how you were polished, but now you're the lost in the jungle. You were far ahead on the perfect road, you turned back and started through the wrong route. HE still loves you much, still taking you places, but needs you to get back. BACK TO THE ROOTS. If only you can call, HE never condemns you. If only you'd ask, HIS grace is sufficient. HE doesn't want you perished. HE adores your soul. Just don't give up on HIM. HE hasn't given up on you. BACK TO THE ROOTS.

A wise man once told me; Always remember where you're coming from, that way, you'll never go wrong in life.

(C) Kennisblegad 2010.

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Monday, 17 May 2010

On a cycle of Life and Love

Life has begun
Tears are shed
Crawl by daylight
A lean at cradle
Leap to come up
Walk and let's see
Tie is broken

Your tears are drowned
Eyes bright wide
Reality is seen
You exist in piece
Fulfillment is sought

You see in someone
might the piece complete
Can you ask for help
A hand in mid of sea
Someone out there
Chatters are loud
You own up

Spare all it takes
Learn the language
Catch the ride
It's over time
It's over lifetime
You work for it

A new morning
Now much stronger
Crystal clear it gets
Like new gospel
Walking down a mile
Can't wait much longer
It's a blue moon
That which was
when life began
The language is expressive
It's a tale of love

(C) Kennisblegad 2010

Thursday, 6 May 2010

10 things I love/ 10 things about me

1. I love God and my family. My Dad- Popman, Mom- Momsyheart, My brothers- TP2 & Kelat and my Sis- Sweetheart (we are like lovers)and funny enough, that's the name I gave them and we all call each other those names. I think Originality is me. lol. Im the last of four, Nothing beats having a great family where everyone is cool. Mine is gorgeous.

2. Godly wealth is good. I love money, but a crazy giver as well. It doesn't define me tho.

3. I love poetry. When I was a kid, my mom would write poems in Yoruba (Ewi)and I would learn them by heart and recite them in churches and schools. She was a good poet, and original too. I love her. I guess I got most of my talents from her. That's why I mostly write in a form of poetry of some sort. Guys, don't marry a girl if she's not intelligent, kids take after their mom's brain. (proven).

4. I love music. Well, there is no limit to the amount of music I listen to coz I sleep and study with music. And I can mix it good too. I deejayed for the International party in me Uni recently and gave them some Naija flavor. lol. I reckon they must be like who's this dude.

5. I love gadgets. Ipod, Iphone, Good Camera, Headphones, Laptops, Ipod dock speaker with bluetooth, My collection counts further. My digital world is wild and anything technology drives me crazy mehn. Im yearning for a 3D TV, Blu ray Home Cinema, Project Natal Xbox (check this out), Macbook Air (I don't dig Ipad). Well, in brief technology is way forward.

6. I love a good laugh. If you're comedy, we is friends. (lol). Russel Peters, Jamie Foxx, Chuck Norris, Jeff Dunham (check him out) + Naija comedians too. I go on and tease to get a laugh. I laugh like there's no tomorrow, lol like till I get every vein of my head swollen.

7. Movies, series, TV, During the times of Friends,Heroes and Prison break, I would be awake all night catching up. these days there isn't much time for TV, I still catch up with 'How I met your mother" and its my favorite show lol. I love The mentalist, Supernatural, CSI, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate housewives, Lost, Criminal Minds, Carlifornication and host of others.

8. I'm nocturnal and its like so bad that when I get a good sleep at night, I must have been well knackered during the day. I would usually sleep at 5 to wake up for 9 or 10 or leave for the day with a heavy eyes. I am so not a 'morning' person.
9. I love sports in general and football in particular. (especially English league)I fancy chilling with mates to watch good football and talk about sports in general.

10. 10 is pretty much a short list. I love discussing Business and politics, I love pretty and intelligent girls lol, photography, fashion, love looking sleek, chilling @ the beach and wot not. I love life n God gave this life to be enjoyed.

That's like 10 things about me everyone.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

May or Mayhem

So yeah, My friend's wife was delivered of two babies last few weeks, but we lost one of 'em. I was at his' to visit and sympathize. It was there I heard stories.

1. In the same hospital few weeks back, a mother was delivered of twins as well and while the midwife monitored the heart rate of the babies before they came out, everything was fantastic. Would you believe that just as the first baby came out, the giver of life came calling and he couldn't be saved. The second baby came and off he went as well. 'errm What can I say, the ambitious mom of two thought she had just lost it all, well the placenta stuck to the womb and she was at the mercy of the Doctors. If the placenta was forced out, she would bleed to death, if she was to save her life, she would loose her womb. The husband had to sign to consent to the surgeon removing her wives womb. Well, at least she was saved. Damn! what Doctors do for money.

2. A baby, just before it was born excreted in the mom and ate the faeces (Poor thing, must have been hungry). The baby had the entire lungs obliterated and has had several surgeries just few days after delivery. The mom was also waiting to go through a surgical operation.

These were just the ones I can remember out of the stories. I have a phobia for hospitals, I was already shivering. It just suddenly dawn on me that God is the giver of life and when He asks for it, we have no say whatsoever.
This post is a homage of Thanks for the miracle of sleeping daily and waking up, the gift of life, the hope for purpose and the continuity of creativity and existence. You are not better than scavengers in the dump (BBC 2: Welcome to Lagos). You did not choose your birth place. You might not have what you want yet, he's giving you all you need. (For sake of space). You mos def should understand already. Give Thanks.