Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Lessons from 2010

I’m an honorable man, I stay true to my words. A passion for truth and Zeal for reliability. Consistency and focus. I never go back and betray. The true measures of a man is in finding a value and abiding by it. It's consistency, not easily drifted by every simple floss. I have the dreams of a winner confessions of a dreamer. I'm never looking back. I have no side mirrors. Abhorring evil and cleaving to good.

Few lessons from this year.
Our first friends are not necessarily our best friends.
Loving people doesn't mean they will love you back.
The things we focus on the most ends up to get the best of us. (Focus only on God)
To mingle with the crowd is not having a mind of your own.

Hoping and wishing everyone a terrific 2011.


  1. *loving people doesn't mean they will love you back* , i can relate with that and i've made up my mind to just kp loving even though is not that easy but there is grace.

    thanx for the wishes.
    hope you a have a beautiful yr ahead
    lots of love

  2. Thanks huni.That's the spirit of God to us, loving us irrespective of our opinion and it's a rare Christ like virtue in the present day. I'm so glad God has blessed you with such priceless virtue. You are awesome. wishing you a terrific year ahead too. Have an awesome one. Much love (hugs)

  3. Wow! I so love this lessons...
    I'd go with "to mingle with the crowd is not having a mind of your own" and "The things we focus on gets the best of us" I agree totally! May God help us.

    I also love "I have the dreams of a winner confessions of a dreamer" Cool swags..
    How have you been bro? Compliments of the season o...

    - LDP

  4. true lessons; the 2nd is very hard to accept ...
    have a great 2011


  5. Thanks bro. Compliments to you too. I have been good. What about you? Hope the research work is panning out well. Can't wait for that professorship title to be announced. Happy holidays bro n thanks for the lessons.

  6. Thanks Lani. Yeah. you are very right. it's been very hard to accept the second lesson and until something becomes hard to accept, it doesn't become a lesson for us most times. But, like a reader suggested, it takes the spirit of God to keep loving people despite their indifference. God help us. Happy holidays Lani and wishing you a wonderful 2011

  7. Succinct and characteristically right on ALL counts!

    More inspiration for 2011. Stay in charge!

  8. Thanks Bro. More insight for this new year. Have a totally great one


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