Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A Revival

The son you sent I admire
To live his life's desire
The reason why I'm wired
To engineer real fire
Fire in my bones, fuel in my stream
And let the spirit you gave
Cause a mighty spark of faith
My breath's now your oxygen
That when the spirit ignites
The air I breathe sense signals
Your spark travels speed of light
My fuel distilled to it's best
An awakening, clarion call
My tissues and veins, giant wires
Sends a lightening to my being
Oh Holy! I'm lit
Blown up for your glory
And yeah, let me burn
Shown forth in the spirits gifts
Kindness and love
Wisdom in spite of foolish bluff
Understanding in confused times
Piety and fortitude
Knowledge forsaking ignorance
Oh the spirit of counsel
And then the fear of the Lord
I have had him as a dove, gentle
Now in the midst of fire I want
Let me burn, let me burn
Exploits I can't attain
I'll do them, Let me do
I'll see visions and I'll praise
Let my heart pump
Your revival call
I'll give it all
And this vessel of clay
Will gladly decay
Let me burn, A new revival.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Inner being Call

Lord I need more
More love to give all
All imperfections borne
And insecurities adorn
Give them all up
Bodily values
Forms of materialism
Offer them all
As on the cross
He took it all

Lord I want more
Inner being call
Pumping blood tissues
Vessels that'll decay
Fist full of strength
Broad thickened veins
Manly in the flesh
Spirit incontinent
Coming to hibernation
Every other night
When mightily I sleep

Lord I wish to
Take that snoring nap
Nap to this flesh
Every other day
Slumber of death
Every other night
When these desires
Desires that kill
To you lowly dies
And stores up virtues
That forever lives
Abounding in strength
Ripped and shaped
packed in values
Built immunities
That when to I shut down
In glory I resurrect

Thursday, 22 September 2011

This one's to my Dad

A ponder, I nod
The tune it brings to life
A music to mind
How to love
Voiceless as it may
Someone taught me
A living legend
A vicar without a ring
Countless gracefulness
Beyond what is seen
Far from what is said
He's a legend
The life he's giving
Not bought in price
And far from pride
He's the best
He makes me proud
And just one prize
A true replica
I wish to give back
Each living day
Gently as He is
He's carved a niche
My Inspiration
For finding purpose
And giving back all
The best I crave
Much yet better
The seeds I'll make

Forgive quickly
Is what I learnt
Clearly I see
All that there is
And far from those
Who teach morals
He shows virtues
Pains in quietness
To give the best
To those He may
The reason I'm grateful
I just realized
He's not a right
He's a gift
Much well a privilege
Happy Birthday Dad.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A purpose drive

I'm on a flight jet to destiny
Boeing so high I can't hear booing
Claiming the race track in the air
I'm on that track list winners hear
When yet another plaque is won
My glory dance on repeat mode
You know I'm winning every moment
I'm built in towers of excellence
being best at yet another reign
Winning the future by the moment
Subjecting best deeds acclaimed prior
Now is the age of brilliance
I'm addressing my polished state
Making finished art yet better
I'm on the highway to perfection
Foundation of steel
Mould to last a lifetime
Made for the strongest winds
I'm the stoma for great treasures
Wealth labelled priceless
Hidden virtues of the inner being
Rubies terraria can't find
Unspeakable, Indescribable
And just one thing I live for
My purpose, my call
When I'm done, You'll hear encore

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Homeless on a sojourn

Home, where my heart belongs
Soul-food, beautiful providence
A word spake you
Rhythm in my head made
Thoughts align in ease
It's simplicity

Pictures we seek, verbatim
Paintings we adore rhythmical
Sojourn you love, that's my perch
Journeys we'd make, that's bliss
The jokes we'd laugh
Striving honesty, evidence of truth
Peter Pan syndrome, Guilty!
You're not a baby
You're my baby

Backpacks we'll grab
And off we go
Spontaneous, Our favorite word
Self acclaimed nerd
I'm just a little undercover at that
Alas the OCD I accept
Living for purpose, seek we both
True meaning
God's intention for mankind
We hate jobs, prefer productivity
Positivity is the drive
Truest deepest things
that's where we live
Meanings, that's what we unfold

Music amazing, dance eclectic
Home, I found none like thee
where in peace I rest
And though on the hill I stand
Right next you're standing tall
In the coldest winter
The warmest cover brought thee

Home, a journey I made
a journey without you
Just a few miles
And off I am
Oh I see thee not
Hopeless where I'd live
Now I'm homeless
I wander the street
My heart's roaming
'Coz I no longer have a home
I'm dancing nude
finding the rhythm
Trying to laugh
Only jokes are dry
Freshness turned paleness
Moscato now sour
Shrooms feel numb
Ecstasy just bare
Home, I need aesthetics
No I want not the house
Oh I need the lasting home.

His will to do

And here, like a bull
I’m, always focused stunting
If I ever fall off,
I hit the ground running
A Bull’s run
Isn’t just automotive rallies
That’s why Chupinazo
Is the biggest in San Fermin
Futuristic I am,
Only the end in sight
Yet I won’t hesitate
the moment I live herewith,
I jump over ropes.
They are standing there, I see
Obstacles wrapped like gold
Luring me I know
Seem a worthy experience
They make you forget quickly
The back to the roots anthem
But futuristic I am,
Death at the end of tunnel
Even that won’t stop luring
But I know the path to choose
I follow a sign that reads 'life'

A bull isn’t always running
At times He stays at ease
When He stands still,
He steps aback in strength
And then a comeback,
A powerful return expect
So, as a bull I am,
Sometimes I hold my peace
Yeah in the midst of fury
Still Focus and re-focus
Threatening paths seen clearly
I take the route of faith
I’m a warrior in this game
In spite what the path says
I know my way home
Too futuristic for noisy gongs
I can't be bothered with these.
I tell you it's what I see
Africa is where honesty is
So I live the future I see,
Trying to make a difference here
And being hopeful for peace.
Craving the change I envision
Thirsting for what's to be,
I know the future is here.
I know we are the dream.

Amidst truest hopes,
It's evident, vision blurs
Trust in myself,
Is danger in itself
I long to take control,
But bad mistakes I make
I'm a sinking Titanic
A bad captain self-made
The road to destruction
Is where my lead paves
But just your will I follow
My journey attains ease
And only your word I revere
Perfection is the future
So my ways seek I forsake
My ignorance aside I lay
And one thing alone I pray
The background only may I play