Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A purpose drive

I'm on a flight jet to destiny
Boeing so high I can't hear booing
Claiming the race track in the air
I'm on that track list winners hear
When yet another plaque is won
My glory dance on repeat mode
You know I'm winning every moment
I'm built in towers of excellence
being best at yet another reign
Winning the future by the moment
Subjecting best deeds acclaimed prior
Now is the age of brilliance
I'm addressing my polished state
Making finished art yet better
I'm on the highway to perfection
Foundation of steel
Mould to last a lifetime
Made for the strongest winds
I'm the stoma for great treasures
Wealth labelled priceless
Hidden virtues of the inner being
Rubies terraria can't find
Unspeakable, Indescribable
And just one thing I live for
My purpose, my call
When I'm done, You'll hear encore


  1. :) smooth poetry. You have returned :D

    How are you?

  2. Heyyyyy :)) I'm well Mwajimal and thanks for checking up.
    Hope grad school is very well. You know I'm at it myself. :)
    P.S: I liked you last Vlog. 


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