Tuesday, 20 September 2011

His will to do

And here, like a bull
I’m, always focused stunting
If I ever fall off,
I hit the ground running
A Bull’s run
Isn’t just automotive rallies
That’s why Chupinazo
Is the biggest in San Fermin
Futuristic I am,
Only the end in sight
Yet I won’t hesitate
the moment I live herewith,
I jump over ropes.
They are standing there, I see
Obstacles wrapped like gold
Luring me I know
Seem a worthy experience
They make you forget quickly
The back to the roots anthem
But futuristic I am,
Death at the end of tunnel
Even that won’t stop luring
But I know the path to choose
I follow a sign that reads 'life'

A bull isn’t always running
At times He stays at ease
When He stands still,
He steps aback in strength
And then a comeback,
A powerful return expect
So, as a bull I am,
Sometimes I hold my peace
Yeah in the midst of fury
Still Focus and re-focus
Threatening paths seen clearly
I take the route of faith
I’m a warrior in this game
In spite what the path says
I know my way home
Too futuristic for noisy gongs
I can't be bothered with these.
I tell you it's what I see
Africa is where honesty is
So I live the future I see,
Trying to make a difference here
And being hopeful for peace.
Craving the change I envision
Thirsting for what's to be,
I know the future is here.
I know we are the dream.

Amidst truest hopes,
It's evident, vision blurs
Trust in myself,
Is danger in itself
I long to take control,
But bad mistakes I make
I'm a sinking Titanic
A bad captain self-made
The road to destruction
Is where my lead paves
But just your will I follow
My journey attains ease
And only your word I revere
Perfection is the future
So my ways seek I forsake
My ignorance aside I lay
And one thing alone I pray
The background only may I play


  1. "A bull isn't always running". "Trusting in myself is danger in itself". Damn, I miss your writings, bro. Welcome back!!!

  2. Thanks Imisi, I'm glad you like it. Good thing we're back on this


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