Thursday, 22 September 2011

This one's to my Dad

A ponder, I nod
The tune it brings to life
A music to mind
How to love
Voiceless as it may
Someone taught me
A living legend
A vicar without a ring
Countless gracefulness
Beyond what is seen
Far from what is said
He's a legend
The life he's giving
Not bought in price
And far from pride
He's the best
He makes me proud
And just one prize
A true replica
I wish to give back
Each living day
Gently as He is
He's carved a niche
My Inspiration
For finding purpose
And giving back all
The best I crave
Much yet better
The seeds I'll make

Forgive quickly
Is what I learnt
Clearly I see
All that there is
And far from those
Who teach morals
He shows virtues
Pains in quietness
To give the best
To those He may
The reason I'm grateful
I just realized
He's not a right
He's a gift
Much well a privilege
Happy Birthday Dad.

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