Sunday, 28 November 2010

Proudly Nigerian

I hate the way the world thinks
I hate the way they see us.
Now that we are here
What shall we do?
Shall we accept resentment?
Or pick our luggage and leave
Shall we mend our own ways?
Or conform to their ways?
Shall we dream with our eyes open?
So everyone would notice us
Or follow our dreams
And not care how the world sees us
Why do you judge people?
When you don’t even know them
They say we’re proud, we’re always fronting
I’m handsomely conceited just always being me
I’m not your counselled usual. I make decisions. 
The only difference between us is the enslavement of your fore-fathers.
We’re grown, we’re real, and committed to who we are.
Not far off my origin, not living the life imposed on me.
 Not covered with fake outfits, that won’t take my insecurities out of it
We’re not your typical; we’re far off your league
Flyer than the rest of you all
Smarter than your illusions
I’m committed to making a change
What have you done to better a repressed people?
Come walk in my shoes and feel where the fingers hurt.
The day will surface, I promise, the day of joy
When all of the lights will shine again
And the dark city comes shouting
Change, redemption, resolution has come.
Change! Oh what sweet change.

It is said that Nigerians are always very proud, more or less arrogant. I have tried to understand how they see us. A people from far away Africa, how can we be so bright as to think we can rule other societies and make differences in places of relevance, when we are only Africans, at least that’s how the world press portrays us: poor, malnourished people with intents of war and probably of terrorism. But then, do they know us well enough? Aren’t they always surprised when they come in contact with our level of intelligence? Shall we keep quiet and make them suppress us as they have always done? No! I am proud to always be a movement that will let the world know more about Nigeria and the people erase all the negativity and spread all the positivity everywhere I am. And to every Nigerian trying to be who they are not, I say to you, stop being fake! START BEING REAL!.
I apologize to everyone who reads my blog for being out of contact for a while now. I hope to keep up to date again as ever and learn new things from everyone. Love to everybody.