Sunday, 30 January 2011

How not to be a junkie

I have often wondered why God created the apple in the garden of Eden and yet against his 'creating everything that is good skills', told man to stay away from it, the same God who made grapes, hops, cereal grains like malted barley, wheat, rice and corn and still in his manual to us, warns not to be drunken with wine. Who created plants for bubblegum Kush, Marijuana, Weed, blunts, the green or whatever it is called? Why would He create something and want us to stay away from it?

I concluded that God uses even the things He made to teach us sacrifice. why can't most people try a jellyfish? If everything was edible and consumable, there would be no need to discipline ourselves of anything, whereas discipline is a virtue that God extols. Heb 12:6 'for those whom the Lord loves He disciplines' Proverbs 12:1 'Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge'

On the other hand, these substances strips men naked of their dignity just in the same vein like the apple did in the garden of Eden. Alcohol and drugs are those major substances that induces most of the moral decadence in our society today. Most murderers are cowards when they are not high. Most rapists can't touch a woman without being drunk. Most robbers need certain drugs before they can go ahead with their mission. Most women have a sense of decency without Hennessy.

So, the next time you look around, see that not everything that seem pleasing to the eyes is worthy of the body to partake. To justify every illegitimate act against His will, we can always find an excuse, but in the end the serpent never tells the consequences of the apple before he offers a well shaped fruit. (I wonder why we still eat apples, must it have been another fruit back then. j/k). To yield our body as a living sacrifice, we cannot make every substance an 'inbox worthy archive'. We have to sieve what belongs to junk mail and spam into a recycle bin and delete unwanted inwardness.
Romans 12:1 'I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, [which is] your reasonable service'

What's your take on yielding our bodies as a living sacrifice unto God? How can we effectively yield against the desires of the flesh? I would love and appreciate different views, please keep it coming. Thanks for the comments and have a terrific week.


  1. I really like your take on God teaching us to sacrifice by creating some things which He commands us not to invest in. I haven't thought of it like this before, this is so enlightening. How else can we offer our bodies as a living sacrifice without the wisdom of knowing what and what not to invest in?

  2. hmmm I really like that. How else can we offer our bodies as a living sacrifice without the wisdom of what to and what not to invest in? That is why his word said we should lay up our treasures in heaven where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. So this our life is an investment and until we begin to live it like a worker who is saving up gratuity for retirement, we will only be living for the now and not focused on hereafter. As I sat in church sometime this week, I thought of how much great men of God have done to propagate the gospel here on earth and how they cannot just be a commoner in heaven, so also someone who has not been involved and relevant in God's work here, what their place would be in the Kingdom. I'm gutted. God send help and laborers into your harvest.

  3. this is an awesome piece bruv...right from the onset to the very end.....much respect to the blogger with a passion and vision to bring the spoken word with undiluted facts......
    we can yield against the desires of the flesh by following the steps and ways of christ and at each point reminding ourselves that what will J.Christ do?......

  4. Thanks AY! but ur that amazing writer that I know. I love your contribution WWJD?

  5. thanks for sharing prov 12:1 - whoever loves discipline loves knowledge.

    as for yielding against the desires of the flesh, its a choice we have to make for ourselves and thats where maturity sets in.

    hv a lovely weekend. (btw, You've been tagged as a Stylish & Versatile Blogger. See my blog for more information)

  6. Nice. I like ur take on yielding to the spirit against the flesh, that it is a choice. And thinking about it, we make this choice at times, neglect it at other times, but God wants our consistency in following Him, It's a choice we are offered to make and we have to make everyday. May God grant you and I the grace to consistently yield to the spirit against the desires of the flesh. Thanks for stopping by and for the tag.

  7. lovely stowie :)..its hard to yield against the desires of the really is :(
    but i think if we can be very determined to live a holy life and read the Bible more often, after a while, resisting temptation becomes an easy task.. (i guess)

  8. Like
    Jaycee said, we need wisdom to discern what to invest in and what not to. That knowledge only comes from reading the scripture as you have suggested. Thanks for your contribution Adorah. Have a terrific weekend


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