Monday, 7 February 2011

Do you think of sulfur when you think of Dafur? (Slam Poetry)

I don't think of sulfur when I think of dafur.
Yet sulfur aids gun powders in a city of war.
I see an old friend and forgot their sibling's name
I guess I'm too blessed to reflect my real name
Do I know my mates are full of depression?
What if I do what could I really do?
How often do I ask a brother if they're broke?
I cooked my favorite food and let the trash eat it
But trust me that's not an option for a King in Haiti
I woke up to work this morning groaning
Cairo woke to war this morning, what shall she do?
I'm too blessed to be stressed yet clenching fist to get all I expect
I'm unapologetic of rebellion to order
But Tunis is faced with protest of a new Arab world order
I'm humpy grumpy snappy cranky grouchy pissy. Attitude.
I forgot easily my eyes fed with the pity of Makoko slum. Ingratitude.
So, Do you think of sulfur when you think of Dafur?
Yes sulfur aids gunpowder in a city of war


  1. thumbs up bruv....awesome piece!!!

  2. Sometimes when I give thanks for my situation, I can't help but think about others in unfortunate ones - what a world we live in. Our God still remains the same...

  3. Thanks AY! you know I'm just following the footsteps of a literary guru.

  4. LDP my brother. Thanks bro. Yeh. I think we constantly need to be in check of rather unfortunate situations to appreciate ours.


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