Wednesday, 5 January 2011


I have a name, I'd rather not say
But it's most exciting thing I've heard recently.

I gave a name,
And It's hilarious
It's not a pseudonym
It describes intellect

Few hours feel like a lifetime
The moments I thought would never come

I enjoy having the instance unfold
The element of surprise
Natural occurrence unplanned
The distance I dread

I feel like the most adventurous man
Coz there's dozens of questions unanswered
Yet voyage so exciting, I can't even turn back

A phenomenon so complete, it gets scary
Coz perfection don't exist, but I love the laugh

I just understood, keep your friends close
They don't live twice
So I'll let you know, you are my surprise
I thought I told you once
Now I will tell you twice
There's nothing I prize
Beyond your amazing eyes

I'm sharing my blessings.


  1. hmmmmh , true friendship must be treasured...

    'perfection doesn't exist' - that is so true u know.

    nice write up

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