Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Homeless on a sojourn

Home, where my heart belongs
Soul-food, beautiful providence
A word spake you
Rhythm in my head made
Thoughts align in ease
It's simplicity

Pictures we seek, verbatim
Paintings we adore rhythmical
Sojourn you love, that's my perch
Journeys we'd make, that's bliss
The jokes we'd laugh
Striving honesty, evidence of truth
Peter Pan syndrome, Guilty!
You're not a baby
You're my baby

Backpacks we'll grab
And off we go
Spontaneous, Our favorite word
Self acclaimed nerd
I'm just a little undercover at that
Alas the OCD I accept
Living for purpose, seek we both
True meaning
God's intention for mankind
We hate jobs, prefer productivity
Positivity is the drive
Truest deepest things
that's where we live
Meanings, that's what we unfold

Music amazing, dance eclectic
Home, I found none like thee
where in peace I rest
And though on the hill I stand
Right next you're standing tall
In the coldest winter
The warmest cover brought thee

Home, a journey I made
a journey without you
Just a few miles
And off I am
Oh I see thee not
Hopeless where I'd live
Now I'm homeless
I wander the street
My heart's roaming
'Coz I no longer have a home
I'm dancing nude
finding the rhythm
Trying to laugh
Only jokes are dry
Freshness turned paleness
Moscato now sour
Shrooms feel numb
Ecstasy just bare
Home, I need aesthetics
No I want not the house
Oh I need the lasting home.


  1. Hmmm... the lasting home :)

    - LDP

    PS: Welcome back bro.

  2. Thanks brother, I'm glad to be back

  3. your best piece ever

  4. Thanks Guest! I hope you visit more often. Hit the subscribe button


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