Tuesday, 4 May 2010

May or Mayhem

So yeah, My friend's wife was delivered of two babies last few weeks, but we lost one of 'em. I was at his' to visit and sympathize. It was there I heard stories.

1. In the same hospital few weeks back, a mother was delivered of twins as well and while the midwife monitored the heart rate of the babies before they came out, everything was fantastic. Would you believe that just as the first baby came out, the giver of life came calling and he couldn't be saved. The second baby came and off he went as well. 'errm What can I say, the ambitious mom of two thought she had just lost it all, well the placenta stuck to the womb and she was at the mercy of the Doctors. If the placenta was forced out, she would bleed to death, if she was to save her life, she would loose her womb. The husband had to sign to consent to the surgeon removing her wives womb. Well, at least she was saved. Damn! what Doctors do for money.

2. A baby, just before it was born excreted in the mom and ate the faeces (Poor thing, must have been hungry). The baby had the entire lungs obliterated and has had several surgeries just few days after delivery. The mom was also waiting to go through a surgical operation.

These were just the ones I can remember out of the stories. I have a phobia for hospitals, I was already shivering. It just suddenly dawn on me that God is the giver of life and when He asks for it, we have no say whatsoever.
This post is a homage of Thanks for the miracle of sleeping daily and waking up, the gift of life, the hope for purpose and the continuity of creativity and existence. You are not better than scavengers in the dump (BBC 2: Welcome to Lagos). You did not choose your birth place. You might not have what you want yet, he's giving you all you need. (For sake of space). You mos def should understand already. Give Thanks.


  1. O WOW. was that in Nigeria? That is sad and yes we do have to thank God for each waking second, for why he has seen it fit that we re here and others aren't is a question for the ages.

  2. Those stories made me shiver, my God. We can only be thankful o, this is life is so not easy.

  3. Neefemi, it was in London. Are Nigerian Doctors greenhorns?. Need we blame British GP's a little?. I don't think so. lol.

    Myne, turns out as good as this life seems, a little thing goes wrong and there we leap off our feet, like an elephant that falls and can't stand back up again.

    He's enigma. why am I worthy than others who loose their lives daily, suffice it to say I could have been born in Afghanistan or Iraq or Israel and be under torment of war, nuclear blast. It's a privilege Jehovah Jireh.

  4. Hmmmm, Crazy stuff!
    Maybe we'd be doing home delivery these days, I hear its better.
    Thanks for dropping by.
    And yeah, I forgot something..
    I followed you;
    You're worth it.

  5. Jaycee, thanks for dropping by.

    2cute4u, 'home delivery' sounds like we just ordered some Pizza or burger from KFC. lmao. Well. I reckon only we can try, we can't give life. Have u ever wondered why God will decide to just take back an innocent blood. Some things are just mysteries, left for us not to phantom.

  6. P.s. 2cute4u. Thanks for following. I follow back. Lets follow follow. You're worth it too init.


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