Monday, 7 March 2011

That the flesh decrease and spirit might live

Lord you want all of me
For me to be in awe of you
But I keep running back and forth
Trying to fix things I can't afford
I know you died for me to live
And life you lived for me to die
To the things of flesh for me to die
A new life desired for me to live
But why is it too hard to believe
That just a man like me you lived
And did the things I can't achieve
A simple life and all you gave
Beyond what strength and pride will gain
A holy life for me to live
Is why you died on Calvary
Your blood to bury all my sins
Your fire to spark my spirit life
So when sin comes, a vice in time
The orgasm reaches it's peak
The pleasure deceives as if its real
But back again it leaves me weak
As if the blunt dissolved in frisk
The blunt is weak it leaves me weak
Your word is peak, it gets me high
My 5 senses the pleasure feel
Erupting blood in the brain cells
And back again a cycle I see
Self condemnation the things I did
It's emptiness, my spirit perceives
The things that make my flesh increase
And oh I pray the flesh decrease
Like air freely my spirit lives
To get me to the holy place
A flight like when the kush I puff
Brings me into a freaky state
But now only your word I puff
And oh the blunt I puff is weak
But blunt is your word, I'll eat and live


  1. nicholas ayoola oladehin9 March 2011 at 09:50

    mint!!!!...awesome piece dude..........first class all the way!!!!

  2. Thanks brother. thanks for the heads up and inspirations


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