Wednesday, 17 February 2010

To the one who deserves a good laugh

Sitting here reminiscing
I see the day I first left a comment
I hear the reply how it first felt
I see the day I first said Hello
I hear the Hi what it really meant
I see the day you first called by name
I hear the anonymity how I first erred
I see the day when we first talked
I hear the acquaintance how we wasn't bare
I see the day we drift into long chat
I feel the dreams how it will never end
I see the day we talked into hours
I see the day we laughed into the night
I see the day we slept off conversing
I'd rather you slpet off, im only nocturnal
I hear the wake up calls
The entourage, while you're to work every morning
Reminiscing, I see the shops that sold those chat cards
I realise how the long hours were never good enough
I realise how the songs were steady, the mood was right
I see how perfect it all was, never been better
I see how I made the rush forward. couldn't wait.

But then a sudden drift, away from all it was.
I dare not say I dont remember how it felt
Yet I need not mention for the better days
And yet again, it seem so good to be back again
For people who fall and rise have the firmest grip
I see how the fall don't matter anymore.
I realise how it could be better of from what it first was
I have seen what its going be if you would let it be
Its all been within a phase, a season, a quarter
And now while another quarter seem to begin with you
The best that would happen is the us that first was
Will you look forward and see what it is?
Remember the catch phrase, be happy
Every new phase deserves a new rise
I see a time bright and shinning
I see the days we'll chill and settle down
Yeah we'll chill and go to the mall
Have the breakfasts in bed.
The showers wont end. the laughs wont die
The flowers will be alive, there will be a meaning
Its going be always, those seasons that fade
Reminiscing, I see what's yet to come.
Just chill and let it be that's yet to come
And yeah need less to say. Happy Anniversary!

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