Sunday, 24 January 2010

Memoirs of Betrayal

Big City, beautiful landscape
Your splendour of day amazes me
Your hoot at night attends to bliss
Your sky scrapping each moment long to see
I adore you, gave you a name
I treasure you, tend your gardens
A painting of you, graceful smile to behold
Big City, Oh what palette created you?

Big City, damn lights
I wake up early running to you
I strain my thigh, sprinting at you
Winter heats, I didn’t look back
Your polity, I didn’t see
Your conurbation full of Junkies
You desert me I need to say

Big, aha are you not the average city
Blind lights, concrete jungle
I’d rather you’re not the big I named you
I gave you all, you gave away
Ambience, facade, lost it all you
When just you neglected your own
Big city, oh what grandeur
You’re so lonely why the betrayer

(C) Kennisblegad 2010

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