Friday, 4 September 2009

im a go getta

I'm a go getta
I stay up the ladder
when the snow weather
I freeze in my leather
when its all brutal
I'm trying to get better
Like the third Carter
No pain no gain
shame bequeaths fame
Ridicules fiddles-in Miracles

I'm a focused bastard
Don't care what all think
I grin and bear it
The best cardinal
Is what I'm all being
I'm brawn for the league
So don't detest please
'cause I can't perceive
Where's your origin
A piece of foreplay
Is best you trying to be

I'm the freshest framer
Exhaust Alcatraz
A brave shooting guard
Like Kobe Bryant
And no I can't stop
Yeah hell freezes over
I fit in the scuffle
I shield like cager
Until heaven forbids
I'm going to make a legend
I'm a go getta
No I'm no quitter.

(C) Kennisblegad 2009

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