Monday, 30 January 2012

seeking my purpose two

seeking my purpose one

While I woke up early
Early into kidulthood
I look up the sky and stare
The dawn fades into stars

As the day breaks into beautiful sunshine
Father's horticulture blossoms
Flowers bursts out as if to smile
All I wanted daily was to wake
Pleasure found in food and sleep
Just seeing the beautiful world
I see beauty and I know it
That in nature, there is purpose

As I grow up to face the world,
There's more than sight, I feel
The gentle words of a lover
It cuts through deep
Touch on my empty face
I feel every stroke of the fingers
Kiss planted on my bare lips
I feel the slushy moist
Tickles from the whispers
The laughs and the cry
There's purpose in that too
They all teach love

So everything made, I knew
To the living, has its own purpose
They happen as they should
Now, its fright that man fades
Like that beautiful morning
that dissolves briskly into dark night
And so will I, and so shall you
From that boy that wanted nature
To a man who now can feel
And more to come, more of us
Time ticks, purpose evanescence

There comes an age, when the night's dark
The hair is grey, the feet feeble
And man is weak, incomprehensible
A purpose found futile
It rather be known when the sun is out
Like the flowers, for beauty
Like the kiss, for love
Like the air, for breathe
Like the food for survival
Not here to fill vacuum
So I diligently seek
That for purpose alone I'll live

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