Sunday, 10 March 2013

A mother's love

Ain't nothing better than a mother's love
You know that unconditional, uncompromising, I - love - when you- don't deserve it type of love.
My mother, she loved me when I was nothing but a foetus in her womb,
Planted by my father's exuberance for prancing inside that warm tight holding to release a gift of life out of sheer pleasure.
She nurtured what would become a man groomed to perfection.
Tears of joy shed when I caused cramping pains to eject out of her belly.
The unexplainable bond of an umbilical cord that holds us both as a pair,
It was cut short but blood is thicker than water.
She would stay up sleepless nights to watch me sleep,
The beauty in her gaze upon the court where she lay her seed.
She would feed me and cuddle after every teeny weeny cry.
The embrace of her arms at every perfect proportion.
She would ache to see that I still exhaled,
The same breathe she gave me when I spring out of her womb.

Vocabularies she taught me from my tender years,
My teachers wouldn't get how easily I conform prose
A nudge to wake me when sleep is deepest,
She instilled discipline once the sun shined its teeth
A tender little spank behind when I stole a cookie,
She would not spare the rod to teach right and wrong
A show of morals, great virtue in a woman
She excelled in her path and brought her own pride
The depth of scriptures, she made me memorize
When I stray, they lighten the path I return home
Her shiny black beauty, what I see is skin deep
So when a lady approach, I'm searching deep within
Beauty is fleeting character, that's golden.
The telepathy communication we share in-spite of distance,
She would know just when she needs to be a life coach.
The right words to say, adoring actions that no one else will.
There's always a mother's place that no one can fill.
My mothers love, It's incomprehensible, I can't fathom
I shiver for love trying to describe it all.


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