Friday, 31 August 2012

Gone with the winds

Gone with the winds.
The words I proclaim
When yet another accolade is won
Gone with the winds,
Muted sounds I frame
When the first real toge is worn
Take a look around
Working all night, long nights
Fighting for my life
Young black man, It's not cliche I made it.
You wonder how I did it.
I just don't sleep before I wake up
Dreaming too big, my retina lens can't capture it
Coz I ain't sleeping on a dream
I'm winning it, dream-chaser
Take a look around my schedule
City hopping everyday
Morning sprinting all the way
Daring to be different
The believer of what's known only to self
Gone with the winds. The caption I wrote
When I feel every step closer to a good beginning.

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