Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Ambitious Girl

Its the real opposite of pleasure 
When people talking love,
I'm thinking pain and pleasure 
The days the clouds are out 
And you're stuck with the one
Who claimed they know you 
In darkness or light bright and shiny 

How I wish we can all find true connection 
And simply not settle out of pressure
Compulsion of family values 
Disguise of societal expectations 
Mama should hold her grand before she passes 
The priest name tagged your clique 'single'
Keeps casting out the demons 

I know it's a bit tough, the time is 
Lonely nights, longing the touch of someone 
But thereafter a decade of misery
You can tell me how worthy the rush is 
When you're with the one and yet feel so single 
Time passed but it doesn't change affections 

I guess we frequently hear the gospel 
Young lady, settle down in your twenties 
And raise your kids in a twinkle early 
Let them grow like weed and that's all perfection 
They'll settle down and repeat the cycle

What happened to waiting for something
So intangible you don't know what it really is 
But you will know it when you find it 
It's called true love, 
But I'd like to call it a connection 
When you meet the one and you just know its worth it. 

You see, to each one his own, this life is 
It'd be a sweat to find Adam, Eve kind connection 
But then again is it worth settling for the serpent? 
Or young man, marrying your Delilah? 

I see the rush of a crowd 
It's a lot difficult to stand alone 
Than follow the through path 
And beat their time to perfection 
But is there glory found in peer pressure?
Or self sufficiency in crowd-solved puzzles?
I'd rather have a mind of my own and fail 
Than follow a whooping crowd to perdition 
It's worth the wait for the calm beauty 
When times are hard like tornado 
She turn a dough to a hot plate 

You see its not always the pleasure 
When people talking love,
 I'm thinking pain and pleasure 
The cloudy day is what means perfection 
When patience is a virtue, Intangible
And time is not the issue, Priceless

n.b: Image from https://www.google.co.uk/images

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