Monday, 1 October 2012

Proudly Nigerian

Within a lot of us
There is a lot of flaws
False evidence appearing real
Fear of nothing within us
Coming from a humble crib
We grew to be rather blessed
Luxury of life blew a soulful wind
Looking dapper fresh today
We clean cut and swagged out
We got the right definition of car key
And that gives us the right to be cocky?
Remember the green where home is
A good combination of metaphor
Since I met her before
Its both good and bad
A trendy and worrying place
I found solace in the darkness
A right to know where my soul is
It's the hope that made me strong
She is a true friend and hero
I would not trade her for lust
But now a lot of us
In spite of all our falls
We try to cover up our source
Forgetting it's what made us strong
Let us embrace our flaws
And form one mighty force
It shows us who we are
And cast all our fears away.
Happy Independence Nigeria.

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