Friday, 10 November 2017

Speed of Implementation

As long as we are alive and active we always have a goal which drives a plan that result into action.
However, many times we like to keep plotting and planning to avoid the actual action.
Other times, for the sheer fact that we want to plan into perfection, we don't carry out the action.
But what is more important about fulfilling a goal? The speed of implementation.
Every time we set out to do something, even when we haven't fully figured it out, starting helps to shape the plans.

Also, not to sound morbid but it is quite important to think of our mortality as a reason why action is crucial. Everyone will die, some earlier than others. Health is not the only reason, accidents happen and nowadays, there are countless terrorist activities that can take anyone's life at any time. If we meditate of the fact that our death is imminent, we should understand that action equals power action equals legacy.

I believe the speed of implementation is a lot more important than days and hours of plotting because one day, the only way to be remembered and the only thing left of us is not our dreams and goals and plans. It is what we have started or completed and the positive marks we have left on the sands of time. From travelling, to taking care of our loved ones, to starting a new project or starting a business, the results of all our dreams will come from our actions.

Please feel free to share your thoughts below. Thank you!

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