Friday, 3 November 2017

Hot Blooded Bull

When I met you I was cold
I'm from a place where feelings are shrooms,
I have been melancholic through my voyage. 
Hot blooded bull on a rebellious streak 
If you cut me open its wires inside
Palm sweating on winter days. 
Can you not see my fangs? 

When I met you I was cold 
I saw an arrogant exported African child 
The type that lost our values to civilization 
Or was never educated of it
Confident urban chic
Easy on the eyes but I only search deep 
Mama taught me look for the inner virtues
So I paid no mind paid no attention

Then I met you and found my friend
I knew you and found my soulmate 
You opened my eyes to humanity
To innocent love without blemish
We became one force we became a solace 
We are complete in each other and alone by not together

We found our laughs it's pleasant
We shared our fears, our nakedness
We found a hiding place the rooftop
We found our song soulful
We wrote our language ding dong
We found silent conversations and sharing of the soul

Let's sit on the rooftop at 2am and talk about life
We overcame obstacles people are jealous
A moment feels like a lifetime 
Lifetime seem to be not enough
Each day minute and every passing time 
Becomes a renewed moment of new discoveries
And deep affections from the heart
When I met you I was cold
Now our shrooms turned to ecstasy

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